How Trump’s Policies Have eroded the Democratic Norms in the US


Anyone who has a deep knowledge concerning the US Department of Justice will tell you about the extent of the damage that President Donald Trump is doing to the nation. If you are lucky to find such a person, the conversation will undoubtedly remind you about the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s when President Richard Nixon was in power. After President Nixon failed in an attempt to call the shots when it came to a special prosecutor who turned out to be digging deep on the President’s underhand dealings, the need for an independent investigator became imminent. The US electorate and Capitol Hill found it necessary to have an investigator who worked free from any interference from the White House. However, that has severely changed since Donald Trump became a resident at the White House.

The American citizenry has become amnesiac and apathetic, and the rules and regulations that govern the US justice department have now been severely tested. In past interviews, political analyst, national security specialist, law professors and two assistant attorney generals have used recurring terms to describe the trump presidency. They have said that the current administration’s assault on justice is alarming and dangerous and that the stakes are too high. Some national security analysts have also issued a warning that the national security in the US is also endangered. President trump has publicly undermined the work of federal agencies such as the FBI and the entire US intelligence community on issues such as the investigation on kremlin’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

Under normal circumstances, such federal agencies work in secret and under the trust of the commander in chief. Other spectators have posed the question of whether President Trump’s snaps and snips at the workings and independence of the department of justice account for a more significant dislocation. This may translate to some constitutional crisis or even erosion of the fundamentals of the rule of law in the United States. In the recent past, the US president has escalated his war on his political adversaries in the justice department. The DoJ hosts the office of Robert Mueller who currently serves as the special counsel in charge of the Trump-Moscow investigation. The president has used his Tweeter handle to brand Mueller’s work as a witch hunt that was planned by former President Barrack Obama. Trump has consistently enjoyed an average approval rating of 42% since he took the reins of power early last year.


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