Glen Wakeman Is On A Mission To Help Startups Succeed

Businessman Glen Wakeman Offers Startups the Advice They Need

Glen Wakeman is a co-founder and the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, which is a company that helps new entrepreneurs succeed. The company’s main product shares its name. It is a virtual toolkit that includes every necessary planning tool for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. As Glen often points out in interviews, the best ideas are developed from common pain points. He identified a common reason why many startups fail, and he developed a program with solutions.


Glen’s Ideas Behind LaunchPad Holdings

Today, Glen’s focus is on entrepreneurial growth. When he analyzed a large number of businesses to see why they failed, he discovered that they lacked solid plans for growth. He pointed out that many of those new companies had ideas with great potential. However, even the best ideas can fail without a strong business plan and a comprehensive marketing plan. With the program from LaunchPad Holdings, entrepreneurs have the necessary tools to address every facet of a good business plan (AffiliateDork). Glen Wakeman often emphasizes that the early stages of business development are crucial for long-term success. About 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of operation. This statistic emphasizes the importance of using Glen’s program for planning.


Glen’s Experiences Behind His Ideas

In the past, Glen helped plan and launch several startups. He worked for multiple large companies in several countries. His leadership roles helped him learn valuable skills. Those skills make him a good mentor today. For entrepreneurs, one of the most valuable benefits of working with LaunchPad Holdings is having access to advice and tools that are based on Glen’s years of entrepreneurial experience and firsthand insights.


Glen  Wakeman said that he enjoys matching ideas with money. One of the goals of the LaunchPad Holdings program is to help entrepreneurs appeal to investors. Getting funding is often one of the hardest steps for entrepreneurs, and this is especially true if they do not present a thorough business plan. There are about 55,000 new business ventures each month. Although the economy is still recovering from the recent recession, Glen said that the outlook for new businesses is good as long as they have an actionable plan and funding.


How Glen’s Intuitive Software Helps Entrepreneurs

When people hear about the LaunchPad Holdings toolkit, they are curious about the specific details. The program is set up as a virtual tour of business establishment. From legal concerns to marketing, every essential step is included and thoroughly addressed. When entrepreneurs use the software, it asks them questions to help them form their plans one step at a time. There are also thoughtful answers that give users some guidance and insight on each topic. The finished product is a document that is ready to be presented and is optimized for gaining funding.


Glen’s Secrets For Success

Glen had to overcome obstacles along his path to success. For him, helping others succeed inspires him to continue following his own dreams. Glen starts his days by reviewing financial information from the previous day. Service performance, cash flow and sales are all important parts of his review process. When he is finished with the financial data, he holds a meeting with his business partners. Glen assigns duties for the day. His team members have administrative work, design issues, bills, meetings and other important tasks to address each day.


Delegation is another factor that Glen Wakeman says is important for entrepreneurs. When new small businesses start and one person winds up doing everything instead of delegating tasks, communication often suffers. Also, entrepreneurs who try to do too much themselves may burn out quickly. Teamwork is an important part of Glen’s success, and he strives to communicate the value of it to new entrepreneurs. He also recommends that new business owners divide tasks fairly. Tasks should be assigned to individuals who have the right skills and ambition to complete them. In addition to proper delegation, he encourages business owners to build trust with their team members. Glen said that he pushes himself each day to finish everything on his list. He stays focused by consciously avoiding common distractions, and he rewards himself at the end of each day with a cup of tea or another treat of his choice.


Curiosity is a driving force behind Glen’s success. According to Glen, his curiosity leads him to continue researching or pursuing an idea. Since he has many time-consuming tasks to complete each day, he embraces his curiosity to help him keep going. Seeing the outcome rewards his curiosity and inspires him to continue the next day. When Glen is curious about something, he thinks harder. His curiosity leads him to develop more innovative ideas (


When Glen develops an idea, he keeps it to himself only for a short time. Glen works on building a presentation for the idea. By doing this, he identifies weaknesses, areas of concern and possible objections. He develops the presentation with the goal of sharing it with his colleagues. Glen thinks from the perspective of someone who is hearing an idea for the first time to help him develop questions, and he devises answers to those questions before he presents the idea to others. One of Glen’s methods for developing answers to questions or solutions to problems is thinking about why things are a certain way. He identifies processes and their individual components. By doing this, he finds optimal solutions to problems.


Glen’s Background

Glen held multiple leadership roles in several companies in the past. He transformed companies with thousands of employees and more than $15 billion in assets. Glen served as a CEO, an administrator, and a business developer. He went to college at the University of Chicago and earned a degree in economics, and he earned an MBA with a focus in finance after finishing his undergraduate studies. In the past several decades, Glen traveled to more than 30 countries for work. Today, he is known among entrepreneurs for his innovative business performance plan.

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