The Interesting Way Chris Linkas Set an Example for Young Investors

Young Investors Find Chris Linkas's Investment Strategies Facinating

The image of an investor as a portly, older man does a disservice to everyone who wants to participate in the American stock market but does not fit the stereotypic profile. Chris Linkas started his path in the finance world as a young man, and his accumulated wealth after 25 years attests to a remarkable level of success. Young people have advantages that older investors do not enjoy, and time is on the side of youth. Investing is only one of many opportunities that favor young people, and it offers a head start on planning for a comfortable and rewarding retirement.


Understanding the Reasons to Start Investing Early

Knowledge of investing makes Chris Linkas the choice of top companies who seek his advice. His road to the top began with his passion for finance as soon as he completed his college education and led to a position with a UK-based Investment Group. Fascination with markets prompted Linkas to actively pursue a career in finance where he worked as an Analyst/Asset Manager. His first employer rewarded his dedication with an appointment to a vice presidency after a short hiatus. The advantages of early investment activity apply to members of the military as well as civilians, and anyone who recognizes the potential to accumulate wealth can start saving for the future. Experts point to five central purposes of starting an investment program as soon as possible.


1. Recovering Over Time

Anyone who invests in the market knows that it goes up sometimes and goes down at others. Without providing any guarantees, the market requires each investor to study stock performance and exercise caution in selecting the ones that meet individual preferences and priorities. In his leadership position, Chris Linkas increased investors’ funds to more than $4 billion in less than two years. His remarkable achievement led to an opportunity to work with Goldman Sachs in New York City. While still a young man in 1998, he earned a position as vice president and created a liaison between essential divisions of the finance giant. Young investors can find an approach that offers high, medium or low risk in the market, and the higher the risk instruments usually provide the highest returns. A distinct advantage of investing at an early age is the amount of time that it affords to recover when a volatile stock fails to produce a profit (


2. Putting Money to Work

An early investment can earn interest that investors can multiply by a continuous program of buying stock. As the investment produces interest, the gained profits contribute to the accumulated value to generate compound interest. The extended amount of time that young people have in the financial markets allows investments to increase from interest payments that build a foundation for retirement. As a leader in the investment industry, he chooses to work with a variety of tools that let him share his insights with young investors as well as experienced ones. In his job as a credit investor, his goal is one that benefits investors with a purpose of preserving principal with credit-oriented security. He wants to provide strong overall returns with equity upside opportunity. A young person who starts investing a moderate amount of $2,000 each year for 10 years at 10 percent interest can amass a fortune that exceeds the value of someone who makes the same investment for three times as long but started nine years later. The path that Chris Linkas took to success sets a model for young investors who want to emulate his approach to the market. The willingness to accept change lets investors keep pace with changing conditions. His experience as a new college graduate during the economic recession and the Savings and Loan crisis influences his current investment strategy.


3. Changing Spending Habits

A goal of regular investing can create an incentive to save money for a worthwhile purpose. A decision to become an investor can encourage young people to focus on staying within the constraints of a budget and avoiding the temptation to buy something on impulse. Chris Linkas can recommend constant activity by young people who want to enjoy entrepreneurship in the business world. The process of interacting with others and learning approaches to investing and problem-solving has contributed to his success, and he recommends it to young people.


4. Getting an Edge on Peers

As young people enter the marketplace and start to earn money, they face the challenges of decision-making about purchases. Those who understand the adage about the early bird can benefit from the experience of Chris Linkas as an investor. A first investment can start to produce profits immediately and put a young investor a step ahead of others. The earnings in the market can provide the funds for purchases that others may not afford. An investment account can experience a downturn at some point, but the gains that it produces over time help young people face such hardships.


5. Expecting Improvement

A goal that almost all investors share is the desire to have a satisfying quality of life. Chris Linkas believes that opportunities come to people who train properly and remain alert. Deals take time to mature, he suggests, and they require investors to show a considerable amount of patience. Part of the preparation for successful investing includes doing research beforehand to learn how to recognize the essential elements. While he appreciates the studious aspect of investing, he encourages young people to pursue other activities that interest them. For him, soccer provides a way to clear his head and focus on fun while using the sport to remain fit and healthy. The availability of money in the bank or the stock market contributes to a feeling of well-being, an essential component of living comfortably. Retirement plans offer access to the market for members of the military through programs such as a Thrift Savings Plan (CompaniesInTheUK). Civilian employees, as well as those in military service, may choose to invest in a 401(k) or a Roth IRA to start a path that leads to an improved quality of life. Young people who take a responsible approach to investing may never face the reckless choices that confront those who wonder how to achieve a stable retirement when it is too late to do anything about it. Chris Linkas’ success in the market as an investor and a leader in the industry shows young people the value of pursuing a purposeful goal toward a healthy and productive life that leads to a satisfying and comfortable retirement.


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