Harsh Life Lessons


There are several things that people can do to show that they believe in God and to show others that there is a God. A mother in Georgia had her children in her car when she crashed it into a pole. She crashed the car as a way to show her children that God does exist. Bakari Warren is a 25-year-old mother of two. Investigators have reviewed a video of the crash as well as a video of the mother explaining to her children about God and how she was going to teach them that He saves people.

As Warren was driving in the northbound lane of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, she purposely veered out of her lane and across the road, hitting a large pole made of concrete. When officers arrived on the scene, they talked to the children and the mother. The children talked about how Warren was intentionally turning the steering wheel in the car and what she was saying before the wreck happened. After talking to the children, the officers discovered that Warren closed her eyes and was rambling while talking about loving God and wanting them to see that God is real.

Fortunately, the mother made sure her children were buckled. She also instructed that they tighten their belts before she hit the pole. Officers placed Warren in the back seat of a patrol car soon after she got out of the vehicle she was driving. There has been little posted on Warren’s social media pages about the accident or why she did it in the first place. No one in the car was injured. There was a possibility that someone could have been injured if there had been more traffic on the road or if she would have hit the pole in a different manner. Warren’s children are staying with grandparents while Warren is in jail until she goes to trial.


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