Russia Is Laughing At the US President And the United States


Russians are laughing uncontrollably at the Kremlin about how they have brought fear on the democratic institutions of the greatest nations on earth. President Donald Trump has time and time again denied claims that the Russians influenced the 2016 presidential election in his favor by flooding social media with misinformation and degrading his worthy opponent, Hillary Clinton, the then-presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. With the advancement of private special investigations by Robert S. Mueller, 13 Russian nationals have been indicted in the Hacking allegations including three companies based in Moscow.

The National Security Advisor to the Trump administration, H.R. McMaster has said to a delegation of international dignitaries that evidence tabled against Russian interference in the presidential elections was incontrovertible. President trump has been forced to buy a new school of thought and argument after evidence revealed that the Kremlin could have just helped him get to the White House. Just last year in November, after the first official meeting between President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump at a Vietnam summit, the US president said that he was ready to believe the Putin’s deniability about the issue.

Mr. Trump said that every time he met Putin, he was met with the words ‘I did not do that’ and added that he believed that the Russian leader meant his words. However, the growing evidence that has been revealed in the last few weeks has indicated otherwise which has forced President Donald Trump to drastically change his tack on the issue. Regardless of what had transpired, the US president seemed to bring the argument that the American government and press should not give any airtime to that discussion and that talking about it would only make Americans look stupid in the eyes of the people who planned and executed the attack on American democratic system.

As the indictment by Robert Mueller states, the interference by the Kremlin was aimed at the creation of discord in the American political system which means offering support for the Trump presidential bid as a way of disorienting every aspect of the US system of governance and the American citizenry. The Russian government was attracted to the prospect of a Trump presidency because it viewed it as a wrecking ball and a total clown. The Trump administration was meant to be a political joke that upends the domestic status quo in the United States and thus tarnishes the profile of Washington among the community of nations.


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