NBA Coach Says League Rule Is Racist


There is a rule in the National Basketball Association (NBA) that any player who joins the league must have played basketball in college for at least one year. There was once an era when a player like Kobe Bryant could come to the NBA straight out of high school after showing his truly incredible talents on the high school gym floor. That is no longer the case.

Stan Van Gundy, the coach for the Detroit Pistons, says that he believes the rule is racist according to the Bleacher Report. He says that a lot of minority race players are simply not able to attend college for financial or other reasons. To exclude those players with extreme talent who are not able to make it to college is something that he does not want to see as part of the game anymore.

The coach says that he has not heard of people making the same arguments to keep amateur players out of the major leagues in sports like hockey or baseball. He says that while people often make a lot of excuses about why keeping high school aged players out of the NBA, they do not raise the same fuss about players who come from the amateurs in other sports.

Van Gundy has also been critical of other organizations in the past. He is not a person who holds his tongue when it comes to saying the kind of things that he actually believes in. He fired off about the NCAA in the wake of allegations by the organization and the FBI about how many teams and players on teams violated rules against being paid while playing at the college level. The coach said that the NCAA certainly did not care about its players or the integrity of the game. They care only about making more and more money according to this coach.

These are all very fiery words from a person who is not afraid to mix it up with anyone who does something he does not like. He has been a big critic of so much that the NBA and others have done. It is not surprising that some are wary of just what the man might say next. He might be a bit of a loose cannon, but at least he speaks his mind freely. Few of us could possibly say that we do the same all the time like we might wish we did.


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