The American Federal government Shuts Down Again


After Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky stalled a vote in the US Senate, the US federal government funding is set to lapse today at midnight. This will mark the second time in 21 days where the United States government has been shut down due to lack of funds. The bill that failed to pass in the US Senate was planned to see funding for the US federal government approved which would run through to March 22 this year. The bill also had stipulations that would suspend the debt ceiling for the 2018/2019 financial year while at the same time eliminate the caps that had previously been imposed on government spending.

The federal government had earlier been anticipated to last only for a few hours as both houses of Congress passed the $500 billion funding whose draft was 600-pages long. As the time continued to approach midnight, opposition from both side of the political dived in the Capitol Hill seemed to grow with legislators from both the Republican and Democratic parties raising objections to the government funding bill. The bill received its final vote in the US Senate on the early morning hours of Friday before it was sent to the House of Representatives where it had a less certain future. US Senator Paul objected to the government funding bill arguing that it would lead to a huge inflation of deficits in the federal budget without any cuts that would correspond to the spending.

In an interview that was performed earlier by Fox News, Senator Paul argued that he was not a proponent for the shutting down of the US federal government. He also added that he would not vote for a bill that would keep the federal government running at the expense of American taxpayers who would have to pay for every dime that was borrowed saying that the borrowing would almost amount to a million dollars every minute. The senator said that the bill advocated for spending that was reckless and way out of control.

The number two Conservative Senator, John Cornyn said that the Kentucky Senator was shutting the federal government for absolutely no reason by objecting to the consent requests which had been passed unanimously. After the vote, Senator Cornyn would later express how he was unhappy with his colleague and Party member to reporters saying that the actions of Senator Paul were grossly irresponsible. He added that he would not make any concessions to the senator because there was no point of having bad behavior rewarded.


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