Trump Takes America First Agenda To Switzerland


United States President Donald Trump arrived in Switzerland Thursday where the World Economic Forum is being held. Trump is expected to push his America first agenda and call for what he sees as fairer terms of trade between the United States and its trade partners.

Trump arrived in Zurich on his way to Davos, the Swiss resort where the two days of events will take place. Trump will give a speech Friday to a group that will include business and political leaders.

With his appearance, Trump will become the first sitting U.S. President to attend Davos since Bill Clinton attended the event in 2000.

White House aides report that the president’s message at Davos will mirror speeches he has given in numerous forums during the past year. The president wants the world to know that America wants foster good relationships with its allies but is no longer willing to accept the trade deficits that occur with many of them.

In the days leading up to his trip, the president imposed a 30% tariff on solar panels that are imported from other countries. This move is the first of many that are planned by the Trump administration and is part of a larger protectionist agenda.

Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin caused a stir of sorts Wednesday in Davos when he expressed that he welcomes a weaker dollar. Fears globally regarding the protectionist policies on the part of the U.S. have already forced the dollar to its lowest point of value in three years and Mnuchin’s comments only served to further weaken its value.

The trip by Trump will also be used to affect some diplomacy objectives as he will meet with the Prime Ministers of both Britain and Israel on Thursday. On Friday Trump will with Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda as well as Swiss President Alain Berset.

Kagame has been supportive of U.S. policy and trained in the country while a member of the army Uganda.

The subjects that will be discussed at the meetings are Iran’s expansion of power in the middle east, the problems caused by North Korea and the continued fight to neutralize Islamic State Militants.

The President will also play host to a group of Major European businessmen at a dinner on Thursday night.


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