Humane Officer Finds Dog Frozen On Porch


As most of the country is seeing record-breaking cold temperatures, county leaders and animal shelters are urging pet owners to provide a warm place for animals that are outside or take them inside the home if possible. A dog in Toledo was found frozen on the front porch of a house by the Toledo Area Humane Society. Officials were trying to locate the dog’s owner to see if he had left the dog behind or if he simply wasn’t home during the day.

The little girl was found in a curled position. No one knows how long the dog had been outside. When humane officers found the dog, she was already frozen to the point that she was stiff. There was a dog inside the home that was underweight. A search warrant was given to the officer later that day to get the dog from the home. The dog’s ribs were showing, and he was shivering because it was cold inside the house.

Victor Vallejo was contacted later in the day and admitted that the dogs were his. He didn’t know that there was anything wrong with his animals. He claimed that he had left the dogs inside the home and hadn’t seen them for a few days because he wasn’t staying at the house. The electricity to the home had been shut off. Victor claimed that he had been feeding the dogs each day. The American bullies were his pride and joy at one time, but he fell behind with bills and was unable to care for them any longer the way that they deserved. Blankets and pillows were seen on the front porch by the humane officer, and there was no food or water inside the home. Records show that the female dog had been reported as a stray a few times during the year. Charges could be filed against the dog owner.


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