The American Government Denies Claims by the Pakistanis That Intel and Military Cooperation had been suspended


The American embassy in Islamabad has denied claims by the Pakistani government that they had suspended any form of intelligence and military cooperation with the Trump administration. The spokesperson for the US embassy in Pakistan, Richard Snelsire made a statement in which he alluded that they had not received any communication formally regarding the suspended relations between Islamabad and Washington. The minister of defense in Pakistan, Khurram Dastgir Khan said that there was a full field of cooperation between the US and Pakistan on issues relating to intelligence and joint military efforts and that Islamabad had not suspended the aid.

Khan was delivering a speech to the Institute for Strategic Studies which is sponsored by the Pakistani government and based in Islamabad. The Defense Minister added that the NATO forces supply lines in Afghanistan were still open. The supply lines are officially known as Air Lines of communication or the ground lines of communication. The claims by the Pakistani authorities were made after the US government suspended financial aid and military assistance to Islamabad. The Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs in Washington Steve Goldstein noted that the American government was hopeful that Islamabad would make plans of coming back to the table and assist the efforts by Washington to fight global terrorism.

The Trump administration announced on Thursday last week that it would withhold any form security-related funds and military equipment to Islamabad. The aid has been referred to as Coalition Support funds (CSF) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF). US president Trump has previously said that Pakistan had shown no form of appreciation to the US after receiving military and civilian aid of over $15 billion. The United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also accused the government of Pakistan of double standards. Haley said that terrorists who attacked American soldiers in Afghanistan found haven in Pakistan and that the Pakistani government was putting little to no effort to bring this insurgent to justice in their soil.

On its side, Pakistan said the United States was using Islamabad as a scapegoat for its failure in operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan which has lasted for 16 years since the invasion by President George W. Bush in October of 2001. A senior government official in the State Department earlier said that the success of operation enduring freedom heavily relies on the cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The State official said that the success of the war in Afghanistan relied on Islamabad’s active role as a constructive player in the volatile region.


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