Officers Seek Pirates Taking Packages


The holiday season is supposed to be joyous for families. What are known as “Porch Pirates” are trying to steal that joy away from families by taking gifts off of porches across the country. They will wait in the community until packages are left on front porches by either the postal service, UPS or other delivery companies. When the pirates know that no one is looking, they sneak up to the porch to take the packages.

The Sheriff’s Office in Seattle is trying to track down these pirates and has already arrested several after conducting a sting to catch them in the act. Members of the department put boxes on front porches in small communities that help electronics valued at several hundred dollars. A tracking device was also put into the boxes. The homes were those of people who volunteered for the operation.

Just after two in the morning, one of the pirates took the package from a porch. Officers traced the package and found the pirate at a home about two blocks from the initial location. The suspect tried to put the tracking device in the microwave to get rid of it so that he wouldn’t get caught. However, officers were still able to pick up a signal. They arrested the man for theft as well as tampering with evidence. This is not a new activity for people who are trying to find gifts to either keep for themselves or to sell for money. However, officers have only recently started to get more involved in trying to find out who these people are and to take as many as possible off the streets so that families can have a good holiday. Departments across the country are offering rewards for any information that leads to an arrest of these porch pirates.


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