Miami Resident, Glen Wakeman, Offers His Financial Expertise

Financial Expert, Glen Wakeman Educates Startups On Success

Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company helps entrepreneurs maintain successful business plans with unique software features. Those features include many tools that are essential for reaching goals, and they give entrepreneurs access to insights based on skills that Glen developed from his experience as a successful executive.


How Glen Wakeman Helps Entrepreneurs

The program’s tools help entrepreneurs in five main areas. First, they foster the development of leadership qualities. Every company will go through changes after launching, and leaders must be prepared to help their team members overcome obstacles related to structural growth. With Glen’s innovative methods, leaders can build teams and guide them through each step of restructuring. Since employees are often resistant to changes within the company that affect their roles or duties, being able to navigate growth hurdles makes transitions smoother.


Another important focus of Glen Wakeman’s program is human capital. His creative tactics for matching visions with strategies in human resources are useful for all startups. By predicting changes accurately and developing adaptive strategies, leaders can avoid problems that negatively affect human capital. Glen’s program outlines these ideas in ways that make them easy for new or seasoned entrepreneurs to understand. Also, he provides actionable advice that empowers leaders to structure their own plans.


Executing plans is another main program focus. Although some companies start with excellent and attainable goals, the leaders may not have solid plans for reaching those goals. Each goal must have a specific step-by-step plan for achieving it. Glen’s advice goes beyond setting good policies and goals. His innovative execution methods help new companies turn each goal into reality.

Business Analyst, Glen Wakeman, Helps Start Ups Reach Their Goals

Another focus area that is commonly overlooked by startups is risk management. Glen Wakeman addresses this crucial topic especially as it applies to restructuring. When a business goes through structural changes or grows quickly, internal changes may be perceived as threats by employees. For example, an employee who was the sole manager of a small store may feel threatened if the company grows and an accounting manager is added to handle financial tasks. Although the second manager may improve the company’s bottom line and will take away some of the original manager’s stress, the original manager could react negatively. Disruption can lead to turnover, quarrels, and many other negative effects if leaders do not prepare their team members to embrace changes. With Glen’s strategies, leaders can minimize procedural disruptions and promote a positive workplace atmosphere.


After new policies have been implemented to address structural changes, there are usually disputes. Executives or key personnel may have opposing views about new policies, and the changes always come with a transition period. Glen Wakeman’s program addresses corporate governance to help leaders overcome these struggles without causing major internal problems. He shows leaders how to manage dissent in healthy ways and how to turn it into conversations about areas for improvement. When leaders cultivate discussions about positive changes instead of allowing quarrels, they also help build a better company culture.


How Does The Software Work?

The LaunchPad Holdings toolkit is available online. It is designed to help entrepreneurs in the early stages of startup development (Crunchbase). Glen Wakeman offers a free online assessment to people who have an idea for a business. Interested customers can also request a free consultation on the main page. After choosing a plan, customers have access to in-depth software programs that are designed to accomplish the following purposes:



  • Increase funding potential
  • Organize and communicate ideas
  • Avoid common mistakes that lead to startup failure
  • Increase incubator acceptance chances
  • Make the most of invested time
  • Protect financial investments



To help entrepreneurs know where to start and which steps to take first, Glen Wakeman also offers a free guide that explains essential tasks. LaunchPad Holdings is confident enough about its program that the company offers a full refund if customers are not satisfied. Customers also have access to support from professionals who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

The Financial Expert

Glen Wakeman earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from Scranton University in 1991. He went on to earn an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Chicago. For over two decades, he served as the Latin America CEO. While he was with the company, its board of directors awarded him with the coveted Growth Leadership award. He is the principal of Nova Four as well as a co-founder and the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.


Glen has lived in six countries and has traveled to more than 30 countries for work. His duties led him to help businesses grow. He has successfully helped companies with more than $15 billion in assets and thousands of employees navigate complex structural challenges. Glen has helped with new market entry, downsizing, divestitures, startups, and integration. He also has experience with mergers and acquisitions.


As a successful executive with decades of experience, Glen enjoys writing and sharing his valuable advice. Today, he is a mentor, an investor, and an entrepreneur. In addition to helping cultivate business planning through LaunchPad Holdings, Glen enjoys blogging about emerging markets, transforming businesses and global events. He publishes valuable tips about developing business strategies. Also, he writes about raising capital and working with angel investors. As a mentor, Glen works with C-level executives in addition to offering advice to startups and entrepreneurs who are still forming ideas. In the past, he has helped successful companies such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.


Glen Wakeman brought unique skills and benefits to LaunchPad Holdings. For example, he created a unique method for idea development and feedback. His method requires focus, dedication, a positive attitude and self-reflection abilities. Glen’s practical experience contributes to his ability to develop innovative strategies for each business. As someone who has served as a leader for many years, he knows how to instill the most useful leadership qualities in others.


In addition to being a disciplined leader, Glen implements self-discipline in his personal life. He maintained that self-discipline while finishing his undergraduate and graduate studies. Glen also holds a black belt certification in Six Sigma, which is a distinction that is not just an award but also a significant responsibility. To earn the distinction, a person must have valuable real-world experience, intensive training, and confidence.

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