Jane Foster to Die in “Mighty Thor” #705


It has been a long time coming, but it seems that Jane “Thor” Foster is finally going to die in an upcoming issue of Mighty Thor.

This is part of the current story line, fittingly titled “The Death of the Mighty Thor,” which began with issue #700. Marvel Comics has confirmed that she will die in issue #705, with the arc wrapping up in #706.

Jane Foster is a longtime love interest for Thor in the comics—she is a nurse who met him when he came to Midgard (as the Asgardians call Earth) in the form of a mortal named Donald Blake. She was portrayed by Natalie Portman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor and Thor: The Dark World (though as of its final entry, Thor: Ragnarok, the pair have apparently separated off-screen).

Her career as a superhero began in 2014, when a mysterious female character calling herself Thor appeared and took over his title; eventually it was revealed to be Jane, transformed into a new form when she wields Thor’s magical hammer, Mjolnir. The twist in the story is that she has terminal cancer, and while she is unaffected by it in her godly form, using these powers causes her mortal form to weaken more quickly; as such, she has taken to using the powers of Mjolnir constantly, aware that if she turns back to normal she may very well perish.

The current arc has her facing off against Mangog, a being created from the hatred of billions of souls. As he threatens Asgard, Jane will apparently have no choice but to make a heroic sacrifice to save others.

The cover of her final issue has been released, showing her superhero form engulfed in flames. Some uncolored preview pages are also available, showing the sick version of Jane sadly in her hospital bed with Doctor Strange trying to heal her, as well as action scenes of the battle in Asgard.

Presumably the original Thor Odinson (you know, the one actually named Thor) will be resuming his old role in the book once Jane dies. To fans of the character, don’t worry—it’s a comic book, she’s a classic character, so she’ll probably come back from the dead eventually. Whether she returns to being a superhero (like fellow substitute Thors Thunderstrike and Beta Ray Bill) remains to be seen.


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