Donald Trump Defends Roy S. Moore


After his campaign was swallowed by allegations that he had molested teenage girls while in his 30s, Roy S. Moore got a lifesaver when President Trump said that he had his support. This means that the president has broken away from Senate Republicans who have chosen to distance themselves from the Alabama candidate. The president was addressing the situation for the first time. On his part, he said that the accusations were three decades old and the accused had vehemently denied the accusations. Mr. Moore is up against a Democrat known as Doug Jones. The president said that Mr. Moore denies the allegations. In one of these allegations, the candidate is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager who was just 14-years-old. The president also confirmed that he was pleased with United States’ women with their decision to expose the people who had molested them. He also said that most of these molesters were media figures and lawmakers affiliated to the Democratic Party. While speaking to reporters at the White House, the president urged them to listen to what Mr. Moore has to say about the issue. Mr. Moore, on the other hand, has been backed by Breitbart News. This is an institution that’s going after established senators. This might also explain why he has very few friends in the Senate.

The accusations have already been termed as credible by two senior Republicans. These two people are Paul D. Ryan and Mitch McConnel. For starters, Mr. McConnel happens to be the Senate Majority leader and the Senator from Kentucky. As for Ryan D. Paul, he represents Wisconsin as their senator, and he is also the House Speaker. Having called the accusations credible, the two established Republicans requested Mr. Moore to withdraw from the race. There are Senate Republicans that have warned that they will expel Mr. Moore if elected. The people of Alabama are expected to vote on 12th December. Donald Trump said that he was worried about the Democratic candidate clinching the seat. The president said that the Alabama people don’t need a liberal as their leader. He said that having looked at the record of Alabama, it needs someone who is tough on border and crime. He said that Mr. Moore is more qualified in these tasks than Mr. Jones. The president said that 40 years is a long time. He was speaking as he was getting ready to leave for a five-day vacation in Florida.


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