Trump Administration Set to Repeal the Clean Power Plan


In an effort to ensure that one of Obama’s landmark legislative concerning climate change is repealed, the Trump administration has interfered with its benefits and costs. The administration is managing this feat through the Environmental Protection Agency and its administrator Scott Pruitt. According to leaked information, the administration wants to argue that jettisoning the Clean Power Plan will help those that generate electricity save a sum of $33 billion each year. This is a plan that has a deadline of 2030. For starters, the Clean Power Plan is focused on limiting the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by power producers in America. As a result, carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming and rising sea levels. However, going by the data of the same agency that was compiled over two years ago, it was discovered that the emission goals of such a plan would be done by a fifth of the current price. For the past two years, scientists discovered that zero-carbon solar and wind energy costs have reduced drastically. The EPA last conducted these investigations in the year 2015. This same period has also seen a decrease in the price associated with lower-carbon natural gas. The new EPA analysis by the Trump administration ought to have discovered three outside assessments. One of this assessment includes one conducted by the American Petroleum Institute.

However, the New York Times has learned that the Trump administration was not interested in doing a good investigation relating to the original EPA estimates. Instead, the administration is focused on inflating the costs, thereby, slashing the associated benefits. The new plan is purely based on pure illusion. For starters, the new plan has tripled the projected price tag. They have achieved this by manipulating the way that the agency calculates its energy savings. Before the latest suggestion, the Obama administration had established that states together with associated utilities could meet the emission targets by ensuring that they concentrate on energy-efficiency programs. At the end of the day, these programs were geared towards ensuring that no energy is wasted. The good thing about this tactic is that it also helps deal with the generating expenditure of every utility. As for the new EPA guidelines, they have not put into consideration these savings. This new program treats the energy savings as a benefit. Instead, this is something that should be considered as a cost saving. The Trump administration seems to have succeeded in coming up with sufficiently intimidating costs.


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