Examining the Brain of Stephen Paddock


Dr. Hannes Vogel is the director of neuropathology at the prestigious Stanford University Medical Center. He recently confessed that he receives brains in the Federal Express manner. As for him, he said that he likes it when the brains come as a whole. This requires them to be fixed in formalin. At the same time, it requires them to come with the spinal cords and the necessary coverings. He further said that he is expecting the arrival of Stephen Paddock’s brain next week. For starters, this is the 64-year-old gambler who shot and killed 58 concert goers in the city of Las Vegas this month. However, his brain requires examination as a clear motive for his intentions is yet to be determined by the police. The Stanford doctor will help detectives and police look for a clue as to why the man decided to shoot at these people. The doctor recently spoke about the case detailing the process. Just some few days ago, medical experts from Clark County explained that they had finished the autopsy of the man who killed the 58 people. They further issued a statement saying that some of the man’s tissues would be later transported to Stanford for further examination. The county officials requested Stanford experts not to spare any expense.

The studies will help determine whether the man suffered from any neurological disease. Should this be the case, it will be possible to identify why the man shot at his victims. The doctor says that even if his chances of finding the conditions are slim, it will help deal with the speculations that the man suffered from a mental illness. While these procedures involving mass murderers have been performed in the past, there is no consensus among medical doctors. The Stanford neuropathologist has mentioned that he would be looking for any abnormalities in the brain. For instance, a malformation or a tumor would be a good starting point. These two are even visible to the human eye. After this study, he said that he would then focus on the interior structure of the man’s brain. At the moment, the brain has already been subjected to the initial assessment. His role will involve dissecting the brain. For instance, he says that he will cut the brain vertically using a large knife. After taking samples of the brain, the doctor alongside other colleagues will make small slices which will be used to check for any abnormalities.


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