Caddo Parrish Sherriff under Fire for Making some Racist Comments


Caddo Parish sheriff is under fire for some words that he uttered related to the schedule of prisoners release. He has come under attack by critics who argue that he evoked a sense of slavery by underscoring the exploitation of inmates in the state. The remarks were made by Sheriff Steve Prator who hails from Caddo Parish. These comments came at the end of his lengthy briefing one week ago. In the briefing, the experienced law enforcer said that he disagreed with the decision to release nonviolent prisoners in the state at the beginning of next month. During the better part of the briefing, the sheriff addressed the dangers that can arise from releasing repeated offenders from jail. In his own words, the sheriff said that these people belonged to jail. At the same time, he referred to these prisoners as bad prisoners. He then compared them with the parish jail prisoners who had been sentenced to hard labor. In his own opinion, these were good prisoners. He said that rather than releasing the bad ones, the state should also release the good ones. He said that these are the people who cook in the county’s kitchens, change the oil of their cars and also washes their cars.

His words didn’t go unnoticed as they attracted a lot of attention on the internet. The words were made viral by activist Shaun King who reported on the issue. The activist said that this was just a revelation of the current attitude that the justice system has towards the people who have been incarcerated. The comments were also referred to as disgusting by Angel Harris. This is a counsel who once worked as a public defender. At the moment, she works with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund as an assistant counsel. She said that when she watched the video, her first reaction was that the sheriff was referring to the economic exploitation of people. She further said that the sheriff didn’t oppose the release of these prisoners for fear of causing harm to the society. Instead, he was afraid that he was going to lose good workers who offered some services that he needed. As a result, this is equivalent to slavery according to some experts and activists. The sheriff responded through his spokeswoman saying that his words were being taken out of context. The sheriff later said that the many years that he had served the community should be enough to prove that he sees all people as equal.


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