Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes

Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes
Tony Petrello and his Philanthropic Causes

Although most Americans view oil executives as individuals who are vain and greedy, the image is not a perfect fit for Tony Petrello’s personality. Contrary to what most people think, many executives in the oil industry are known for their philanthropic deeds, especially in the Houston area.

Even before Tony Petrello became the respected CEO of Nabors Industries, he had always been known as a person with a caring heart. His philanthropic efforts continued to grow, especially after the birth of his premature daughter. Tony Petrello is a prime example of a CEO with a generous attitude toward helping charitable institutions.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello are Committed to Donating Money

Tony Petrello offers his financial and emotional support to scientific researchers within the medical community. Tony and Cynthia Petrello already donated $5 million, and pledged an additional $2 million, to help bring new research to fruition. A personal reason drives the Petrello family to commit large sums of money to charitable causes. Every single day, Tony Petrello finds counts his blessings when he watches his daughter eat her breakfast. Unlike the majority of children, Carena, who is already eight years old, first began to chew food last year.

Seeking a Cure for their Daughter

Carena was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects her brain’s ability to eat, walk and speak. Their little girl had to repeat chewing motions millions of times before her brain recognized the pattern. Their little girl is a constant motivation for donating money to researchers in the hope of finding a cure. Even though Carena suffers from her illness, she constantly inspires Tony and Cynthia with her positive attitude and a sincere kindness toward everyone she meets.

Premature Birth may have Serious Complications

Carena was a premature baby. Her early birth at the age of six months old caused her to have periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Carena’s disorder is relatively common. Prevalent among premature babies, the illness develops because oxygen does not reach their brains. With a weight of only 20 ounces at birth, Carena’s tiny brain did not receive sufficient blood flow. Consequently, her illness eventually transformed itself into cerebral palsy, a disease that affects motor skills and manifests with other developmental delays.

Seeking a Divine Remedy via Humble Hearts and Prayer

Tony Petrello and his devoted wife want to find a treatment for their daughter’s illness. According to Cynthia Petrello, most parents do not expect their babies to have any problems at birth. Cynthia mentioned that she and her husband were humbled by the experience. She said that they began to pray for divine intervention. Cynthia explained that they both developed the habit of getting down on their knees to ask the Lord for a miraculous cure.

A Brilliant University Student Opts for a Career in Oil

Tony Petrello has two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a degree in law from Harvard Law School. Even though Tony could have been a mathematics professor or an attorney, his heart and mind led him in a different direction. Instead, he decided to aim for a job within the upper echelon of the oil industry. Today, Tony Petrello is the president and chief operating officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries.

Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. After quitting his job in New York, he moved to Houston. Tony Petrello became the president of Nabors Industries in 1991. The company is known as the largest drilling contractor in the United States and across the globe. Oil companies hire Tony Petrello to drill oil.

Researchers Need to Discover a Cure

A member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, Tony has stated that he and his wife contacted several research institutions inquiring about treatments for their daughter’s condition. His research resulted in the firm belief that there is not enough research for children who have problems affected by brain disorders.

A new Vision for Future Treatments

Tony and Cynthia Petrello discovered a research facility located in their own neighborhood. Texas Children’s Hospital has a dedicated team of doctors devoted to helping Carena. The caring physicians examine Carena on a daily basis. Tony mentioned that his daughter has the ability to inspire everyone she meets. Friends, relatives and doctors feel as though they are in the presence of a person with a tremendous purpose in life. Tony’s emotional and spiritual network consists of people who believe that light exists in the midst of darkness. His friends are convinced that something is going to make every day better.

People are Invited to Make Donations

The Petrello family harbors hope that a treatment is right around the corner. In addition to the generous gift offered by Tony and Cynthia Petrello, people who are interested in making donations are invited to contact the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

A Few Words about the Late Professor Serge Lang

Tony Petrello first met Professor Serge Lang while attending Yale University. The professor was a new member of the university’s teaching staff. Petrollo mentioned that he and Lang quickly became close friends. Tony’s beloved professor passed away last year. While attending Professor Lang’s memorial service, Tony Petrello made an announcement that he planned to donate a minimum of $150,000 to create an endowment fund in memory of the professor.

Lang was a respected mathematician and author. Many former Yale University graduates remember the professor because he was an excellent teacher. University representatives plan to contact people residing in various countries in an effort to raise more contributions. Petrello mentioned that he plans to donate an extra $150,000 to match any additional donations.

Peter Jones, a math professor and former friend of Lang’s, stated that Tony Petrello’s prize will receive a large support network from former Yale University graduates. Jones said that people were extremely enthusiastic about Tony Petrello’s announcement.


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