Robot Taking Over Restaurants By Flipping Burgers


There are people looking for jobs in any area of business. However, the fast food industry might not be where they want to apply soon. CaliBurger is a restaurant chain with stores across the United States. It’s taking on a project that could revolutionize the dining experience and make it faster for customers to receive their food. It could also mean layoffs and a lack of employment in the fast food industry.

Flippy is a robot designed by Miso Robotics. The company designs various types of equipment that make the jobs that chefs have a bit easier while offering food that is of the highest quality. Flippy looks like a serving cart, but it doesn’t have any wheels. It does have one arm on the side. There are a few directions that Flippy can turn while cooking. When the robot receives positive information about flipping burgers and performing other tasks, it continues to perform those tasks and improves its abilities. The robot learns algorithms to flip burgers and complete orders instead of relying on items being in a certain position.

The robot can pick up hamburgers and put them on a grill. When they are cooked, the robot will pick them up and put them where they are supposed to go whether it’s on a bun or in a holder so that they can be used later. Cameras are installed in Flippy so that he can see where he’s moving in the restaurant and so that he can tell if the meat is cooked or raw. The cameras are also used to determine what each order looks like before it’s sent out to the customer. Flippy is also being used in some restaurants to make chicken, seafood, and steak. The robot will be used in at least 50 of the CaliBurger stores across the country in the coming years.


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