How Virtual Reality is Helping People Exercise


Many people tend to groan at the thought of exercising. There are many different ways companies have tried to make fitness fun in the past. One drawback is that many exercise programs involve the same methods of training. Not everyone wants to stand in front of a group of people, awkwardly learning new fitness moves. Technology is helping to ensure people exercise within an environment all their own. The recent popularity of wearable virtual devices is changing how people get into shape.

It appears that technology is actually helping to make exercise more enjoyable. In recent years, companies have thrown their hat into the world of virtual reality. One notable system, the Oculus Rift, has helped YouTubers receive millions of views. The current state of virtual reality lets people experience many environments. One reason many watch videos of the Oculus Rift on YouTube is to see these gamers react in fear. You won’t have to worry about being scared while using virtual reality in the fitness world, just a few zombies.

One of the most popular fitness virtual reality games is Zombies, Run! This game wants players to run as their in-game characters are running away from a horde of the undead. No one likes feeling bored from another monotonous workout. Virtual reality helps people exercise while placing them in a new environment. These games enable people to play a game while they are exercising which is great to combat boredom.

The United States currently faces a huge problem known as obesity. There are many people, especially younger children, who are obese. Many children are overweight by current standards in the United States. Entrepreneur reports that one-third of all children in the United States are overweight. Using virtual reality to help turn exercising into a game is a somewhat new innovation. Many hope that these fun and new environments will help lower the obesity rate in the United States.

It’s important to note that virtual reality, as we’ve all seen it recently, is still in its early stages. People who play video games know that this industry changes fast. The continued innovations that are being made by the virtual reality community are astonishing. Gaming companies are working to ensure that these virtual environments continue to innovate.


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