Disturbing News for the Republicans


Labor and politics have always worked hand in hand. Where politicians have managed to convince workers that they will improve working conditions or increase the minimum wage, the two groups can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Things become angry when the politicians cannot live up to their promises. This is the case in the United States at the moment where many Republican politicians promised their constituents that they would make working conditions better yet they have failed. This is the reason why an organization called Service Employees International Union is taking matters into its own hands. Being the wealthiest and also the largest trade organization in the land of the free, the organization announced that they would embark on a plan of choosing only the politicians that can represent their demands. Some of their demands include health care, union consideration, and minimum wage. The organization at the moment has a membership of two million people. They target the Republican States that are predominantly industrial states. This means that they will be focusing on the Rust Belt and the Midwest States. Some of these states are traditionally Democratic states but have been affected by conservative forces that have led to the election of Republican leaders with the hope of change.

Some of these states include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. This has seen some states pass the right to work legislation. This is a legislation that allows workers to stop paying union fees. This fee to the union is supposed to facilitate the operations of the unions such as bargaining on behalf of the workers. At the same time, it has emerged that some leaders are some American electorates are voting to reverse or block bills that entail minimum wages. According to an executive vice president of Service Employees International Union, the first job of an elected official should be to protect their own citizens. They should also work hard to ensure they raise the living standards of their representatives. He then says that the opposite is happening in the Midwest where the elected politicians are only interested in their well-being. The rise of the SEIU in these areas is a clear reflection of how the economy has changed. Manufacturing now lags behind health care in terms of jobs created in this region. However, it’s important to note that there are other factors that are affecting the current shift such as climate change and automation.


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