Pelosi Is Ready To Impeachment Rumble With The Trumpster


The Chinese got extra ammunition to use against the Trumpster when the World Trade Organization approved $3.6 billion worth of sanctions against the United States. The U.S. set up illegal anti-dumping rules before Trump took office, but the WTO ruling just happened.

President Xi has another ace in his trade-negotiating hole. Canada still has Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, under house arrest. Meng’s lawyers claim her arrest was part of a State of Department plan to use Meng as a negotiating chip in Trump’s tariff war. President Xi can impose the new sanctions at any time, and if things don’t go well when Meng faces a Canadian judge in January all sanction hell could break out in 2020, according to the Chinese press.

Trump told the press his domestic agenda added 300,000 new jobs in October. The Department of Labor and Statistics number is 128,000. Low unemployment is the only bright spot in Trump’s eroding economy. Gross Domestic Product growth was 1.9 percent after three quarters. Trump claimed his domestic and foreign agenda would produce more than three percent growth every year he’s in office.

Manufacturing is on its knees around the world. Trump’s push to rule the world of trade upset supply chains, reduced future orders, and stunted business growth. This year’s budget deficit increases the national debt by $1 trillion. Consumers feel the trade tension in prices, deliveries, and quality. Plus, every American will pay an additional $1,000 in tariff-taxes in 2019.

Wall Street economists think Trump has to sign a farm trade deal with China. But now that Chile canceled the APEC summit, Trump will have to set up another meeting with President Xi. China wants to sign a farm trade agreement. The country needs pork, soybeans, and wheat. Liu He China’s main negotiator told the press China will increase its farm orders. Trump said China agreed to buy $40 to $50 billion, but Liu He said that’s Trump’s dream, not Chinese reality.

Nancy Pelosi wants a big piece of the Trumpster. The House leader isn’t afraid of Trump or his voter base. She wants to protect the constitution, no matter the costs. Nancy told the press Trump is a dick, and she’s got the evidence to prove it. Pelosi told the press public impeachment hearings will begin in late November.

Trump and his ban of Senate Trumpians claim the impeachment is a witch hunt. And they claim strong-arming a foreign leader so he screws with the American election process isn’t illegal.


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