Officials Presiding Over The German City Of Dresden Declare A State Of Emergency Regarding The Ongoing Increase Of Support For Far-Right Political Movements


Germany, officially titled as the Federal Republic of Germany, is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world. In terms of total nominal gross domestic product, Germany has the fourth-largest economy, and the fifth-largest global economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Germany is a world superpower, proven by many means, though most authoritatively by its membership among the G7, or the Group of Seven, which also consists of France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and Italy.

The progress that Germany has made since the close of World War II is incredible, as all of its progress and effectively been bought to a halt and ruined by the rule of Adolf Hitler, who was overthrown in 1945.

One of Germany’s largest, most important cities is Dresden, home to roughly 550,000 people, which is located in the central-eastern portion of the country. Dresden is also one of Germany’s most important cities, historically speaking, as it found itself on the receiving end of a bombing on behalf of American and British forces near the end of World War II. There are also plenty of other reasons to consider Dresden, Germany, of relative historical importance on both a country-wide basis and as far as all cities throughout the entire continent of Europe are concerned.

Germans are particularly sensitive to the reference of Nazi Germany and its contents, including what was culturally acceptable at the time, due to the fact that students are educated extensively about World War I and World War II and what went wrong in Germany and the countries that predated modern-day Germany. As such, there are very few right-wing extremists in Germany that hold viewpoints that align with the now-deceased leaders and former supporters of Nazi Germany.

Despite this fact, government officials in Dresden, Germany, recently declared a state of emergency within its municipal bounds, naming the state of emergency a “Nazi emergency” in response to the recent increase of people who support far-right-leaning political views. Saxony, also known as the Free State of Saxony, is one of 16 states that comprise Germany that is home to Dresden; both Saxony and Dresden are home to many supporters of far-right political ideology.

The declaration of the aforementioned state of emergency within the city of Dresden by its government officials took place just yesterday, on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019.


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