Three Transportation Service Providers Who Have Long Helped Amazon Deliver Packages Have Chosen Not to Work with the Retailer Any Longer Following the Death of Several of Their Employees


For quite a while, Amazon has dominated the United States as the highest-volume, highest-earning, and generally most successful e-commerce retailer. With such a major load of parcels to ship across the United States in two-day fashion – a majority of its packages are meant to reach their various destinations in two days or less, as a matter of fact, forcing the retailer to be creative in figuring out how to get its products to customers on time.

Rather than partnering exclusively with only one courier in the United States, Amazon has used quite a few delivery methods to satisfy its countless customers.

FedEx, for example, used to be one of the go-to choices to deliver customers’ products throughout the United States from Amazon’s array of distribution centers across the country, each of which is placed just in the right spot so as to result in the shortest aggregate delivery time.

The courier, which is one of the “big three” American postal companies – the other two being the United States Postal Service, or USPS, and the United Parcel Service, best known as UPS – used to regularly renew an annual contract with the massive e-commerce retailer until FedEx chose to let its then-most-recent version of the shipping contract expire, ultimately fading away into oblivion.

Keep in mind that Amazon didn’t turn to FedEx to ship all of its orders. Rather, in particular, Amazon utilized FedEx’s extensive network of airliners, the operations of which are centered domestically in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Memphis International Airport. Anyways – Amazon chose had chosen FedEx to move its parcels through the air. This contract, which was formally titled the Amazon FedEx Express contract, meant that the e-commerce retailer exclusively turned to FedEx when it needed to ship products via the air, at least as far as in-country, domestic shipping was concerned.

Amazon Just Recently Managed to Find Itself in a Potential World of Trouble

The non-profit news organization ProPublica and the largely-viral-type-content publisher BuzzFeed News, hand-in-hand with one another, recently shared the outcome of a joint report into Amazon’s shipping practices.

The pair’s findings indicated that a handful of people’s work-related deaths, each of whom worked for either Letter Ride LLC, Inpax Shipping Solutions, or Sheard-Loman Transport, were tied directly to their decision-makers’ failure to make good decisions that placed the welfare of their employees and others who shared the roadways with them above all else.

Amazon, according to reports, won’t be serviced by two of the three transportation service providers. Together, the trio will be firing some 2,000-plus workers as a result of their irresponsible practices coming to light.


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