Trump’s New Consumer Tariffs Won’t Impact Holiday Shopping This Year


Ivanka Trump wants to talk to Congress about new gun control legislation. What that means in political talk is she wants to gain support from both sides of the aisle for a Republican Red Flag bill. Several states use them now, but Americans want more than a bill that tackles a less essential part of the issue, according to recent polls.

Ivanka wants to run for some kind of office in 2024. She’s not used to starting at the bottom, so she may run for president and put Mike Pence out to pasture unless her dad does if Pence loses his appeal with the evangelical crowd.

But Ivanka and Don Jr. have it together. They both want to be part of the Trump political dynasty. Young Don sharpened his tweeting skills, so he could act like his dad during the 2020 campaign. Don Jr. will be the frontman for Lindsey Graham and other senators up for reelection. The president told the senators Don Jr. has the talent to abuse and to reach below the belt of good taste and spread his kind of Trump snake oil on groups of unaware voters and make them beg for more.

The Bible-bangers go into prayer mode every time they hear the Trumpster take the Lord’s name in vain. Trump likes to damn people and things with God’s name attached to them. One of those people he damned recently bite him in his Big Mac backside. Anthony Scaramucci became a card-carrying member of the Trump resistance army when he told Trump he blew it in El Paso and Dayton.

Scaramucci told the press Trump is not his man, anymore. Scaramucci did something the evangelicals couldn’t do. Anthony said he can’t support a racist. The evangelicals say racism is part of who we are by supporting Trump, according to the Post. Mr. Trump is just a little more vocal about it.

Evangelical racism is that silent kind that dances through the thoughts of the blessed while they make judgmental decisions about other people’s decisions, according to Karen Pence. Karen teaches at a school that practices racism through their hatred of the LGBTQ community.

Trump’s September 1st tariff threat would raise prices on most consumer products coming from China during the holiday season. The additional tariffs would hurt Trump’s reelection campaign, so some products won’t get additional tariffs. The new tariff date is December 15, not September 1st on shoes, clothes, and elctronics.


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