Judge Tells Roger Stone He Can’t Use Social Media To Help Trump Get Reelected


Mr. Trump had his way with the four Congresswomen he claims are a threat to democracy during his Greenville North Carolina rally. The crowd shouted, “send her home” as Mr. Trump verbally abused Representative Omar. Omar is originally from Somalia, but she is an American citizen.

The four Congresswomen weren’t his only victims while mangled and lied about facts and figures. He pounced on Robert Mueller and he brought his illegal immigration cries into his political rant the same way he did in 2016. Trump’s 2020 campaign is all about abusing the four freshman Congresswomen and pushing his racist immigration agenda and his voter base feels his criminal passion.

Congress decided not to impeach Trump after a Congressman officially put impeachment on the Congressional agenda. Trump’s presidential dance card has impeachable offenses written in its DNA, but Pelosi and the Democrats know the Senate won’t find Trump guilty of any crimes. Pelosi wants to beat Trump at the polls or in court, but that may not be easy. The Democrats don’t have a united political platform to stand behind, according to the New York Times.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell wants to calm the economic waters by announcing an interest rate cut in July. The fundamental economic signs for a rate cut are nowhere in sight, but Powell thinks they are in the works. Mr. Powell claims the trade war, the Brexit debacle, and the out-of-control national debt are the signs that point to a rate cut. Wall Street wants a rate cut, but many economists think cutting interest rates won’t help stop the economic bleeding.

There is no short-term fix to end the trade war with China, according to the Washington Post. China won’t let Trump bully them into changing their laws, and Chinese consumers don’t want to buy American products now that Trump tried to hurt their new consumer-driven economy. The Chinese continue to sell off U.S. Treasury notes, and they stopped buying homes in the United States. The Chinese spend billions on American real estate, but sales are down more than 31 percent thanks to the trade war. Plus, Huawei will close its U.S. operations, and that will cost 800 people their jobs.

Roger Stone, Trump’s connection to WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign, can’t spread his Trumpian lies on the Internet now that a judge ordered him not to use social media for any purpose. Stone likes to help Trump walk all over the constitution. But he may be wearing an orange jumpsuit like some other Trumpians who broke the law so Trump could win the election, according to the New York Times.


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