Pelosi Thinks Trump Should Be in An Orange Jumpsuit


Nancy PelosiJoe Biden told the press he supports the Hyde Amendment. But a day later, at an Atlanta Democratic National Committee gala, Biden changed his mind. He realized supporting the Hyde Amendment meant the poor black and brown women in the U.S. can’t get the proper care they need. In fact, the Hyde Amendment violates their constitutional rights.

Mr. Biden is the frontrunner in the race to go one-on-one with Trump. The DNC believes Biden is the only Democrat who can beat Trump in 2020. But a recent poll in Michigan showed Bernie Sanders can also beat Mr. Trump in that state. Michigan is one of the states the Democrats must win in order to claim victory in 2020.

Biden’s critics say Joe will not hold on to his lead after the first debate. Sanders and Buttigieg have a good chance of sending Biden back to Delaware, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump was high on all the smoke the Queen mother and all the Royals blew up his McDonald’s loving butt while acted like the King of the world. The president told the Brits Boris Johnson should take over for Theresa May. And he told Parliament they should walk away from the EU and stiff them for the money they owe. Trump said don’t pay just sue the EU and then settle when they get the right deal.

The Kremlin said Putin might meet with Trump during the G20 Summit in Osaka in late June. Putin just had a meeting with China’s President Xi. They decided to make up and work together again. Mr. Trump also wants to meet with President Xi in Osaka, but Xi won’t confirm that meeting. Trump told the press the trade deal with China will happen, but the Chinese press claim nothing will happen until Trump reduces the tariffs. But despite the need for a trade agreement, the president keeps threatening China with more tariffs.

The president told Mexico they need to do more to stop the migrants before they cross the border or he’ll put tariffs on all Mexican exports. The Republicans don’t like that idea, but they don’t have the guts to fight with the Trumpster, according to the New York Times.

Nancy Pelosi keeps telling Democrats impeachment is a bad idea. She wants to beat Trump in the courts, and in 2020. Pelosi told lawmakers she wants to see Trump in jail. That remark sent the president over the edge and into a rage. He told Fox News correspondent Laura Ingraham Nancy is a disaster, and she’s full of hate. He said he tried to work with Pelosi but she’s too nasty and vindictive to take seriously.


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