Trump Scores Another Goal. He Shut Down The Mueller Report.


Iran told the remaining members of the nuclear treaty America helped put together, but is no longer part of, has to change. Now that Trump is a member of Netanyahu’s posse, things are heating up too fast for Iran to sell uranium. Iran wants to keep its options open and pray their Internet army takes Trump down in 2020. Russia might switch sides in 2020, but after that unrecorded 90-minute conversation with Putin, Russia wants to give Trump another chance to take the sanctions off.

Trump can’t tell his troops to fire-at-will at Iran without getting approval from Congress. At this point, the battle to take the country back from Trump is on. The president is a gangster in the eyes of Congress.

Trump plays by his own rules, and he breaks constitutional rules. Trump can’t back Nicolas Maduro because his buddy Putin wants payback for meddling in his dictatorship in his part of the world. Putin also wants to keep Cuba close in case Trump doesn’t get with the program they discussed three years ago.

The New York Times found some old Trump tax returns. His 1040s could win an Emmy. If there was ever a question whether Trump paid his fair share of income tax, his returns will clear all doubt. From 1985 to 1994 Trump only paid taxes in two of those years. His tax returns say he loss $1.17 billion during those years. If that is true, he lost more money than anyone who filed a return.

Mr. Trump said the Times did a “Hit Job” on him. That’s old mobster slang. His mentor Roy Cohn taught him how to act like John Gotti back in those days. Cohn was the criminal lawyer who gave Trump lessons in how to beat the judicial system. And Trump continues to use that weapon. Trump has more than 4,000 lawsuits on his resume. That’s weird, but telling. Trump hates to lose. That’s why Pelosi thinks Trump won’t give up power if Biden or Sanders beat him. Michael Cohen his former lawyer told Congress Trump will never leave without a fight. Trump likes to allude to an extended stay in office. He said he’s a victim of the Mueller investigation and he needs two more years added to this stay.

The president showed how powerful he thinks he is when did an executive privilege number on anything to do with the Mueller report. Executive privilege is raw power in Trump’s eyes. He just has to figure out how and when it works.


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