How Steven Stolen Manages His Employees


One of the most respectful aspects of Steven Stolen’s character is his ability to care for those around him. He constantly makes sure that the people in his life are given the tools they need to succeed even before himself. If he does not do this, he will feel like he is failing the world. This is something that he cannot explain, but it is so vividly apparent to anyone who is familiar with the character of him. He simply is a generous man, and when he is unable to be generous, he does not feel like he is himself.

Oftentimes in business, people like to find excuses to do the wrong thing. They think that just because a factor improves their productivity means that it is necessary for the business’s operation. Unfortunately for them, this is rarely the case. Instead, usually these businesses are using what they are able to convince customers that they need the products they provide. They are not, like Steven Stolen, interested in being totally transparent and honest. To him, this is a serious issue in the state of business, and as someone who only entered the industry out of his passion for animals, this came as a massive shock to him.

Of course, this tends to happen to the most passionate individuals. They think they are entering business, but in reality, they find out that this is not enough for them. They want to enact change, and Steven Stolen is not an exception. He wants change to happen just as much as the man next to him, if not moreso. Because of his drive to succeed, nearly all of his endeavors have ended with him receiving appreciation from others in the form of a fat check. While the money is nice to continue living comfortably, Steven Stolen definitely does not rely upon it for happiness. To him, it is merely a way to sustain himself.

Not every single one of his colleagues is bound to have the same view he has on life. He is receptive to other views, but one thing he will not tolerate is an individual who lacks honesty. To him, if there is someone involved in a board that lacks the honesty the rest of the board possesses, that person is only going to drag the entire team down. Not knowing what a co-worker is thinking is a serious detriment to any employee.

There are far too many instances of businesses where the employees are not properly connected in Steven Stolen’s opinion. He thinks that individuals ought to be more caring towards the people they work with because if they are not, it is going to be pretty difficult to form a relationship with them. Studies have shown that people who are not on good terms with their employees will contribute significantly less to a company than those who are, so it is important to Steven Stolen to maintain a positive business chemistry. This requires everyone to contribute as best they can.

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