Senator Blumenthal Thinks Don Jr. Needs an Orange Jumpsuit If He Doesn’t Comply with the Senate’s Subpoena


President Trump wants the nation to publicly stand up and cheer for him. He told the press he’s the greatest president in history, and he wants some kind of recognition for his hard work and dedication. Mr. Trump decided to change Washington’s annual Fourth of July celebration. He wants this year’s celebration to honor him, not the country.

The president plans to move the event from the Capitol Mall to a spot near the Potomac River so he can hold a campaign rally. He plans to stand in front of the Lincoln Memorial steps and tell the nation why he should win the next election. The Washington Fourth of July celebration is all about the nation, but this year Trump wants recognition for filling the swamp with chaos and destruction. Congressman Jerry Nadler claims the country is in a constitutional crisis, and Nancy Pelosi agrees with him.

The constitutional crisis is all about Trump defying Congress. He doesn’t want people to know what the Mueller investigation discovered about him and his campaign as well as the obstruct edicts he issued after the Mueller began his investigation. He said he will block every subpoena and request from Congress. Congress is ready to slap fines on the people who don’t comply with subpoenas. According to Senator Adam Schiff, Congress has the right to fine people as much as $25,000 a day if they refuse to speak to Congress.

Former White House lawyer Don McGahn is in the middle of Trump’s attempt to block Congress from hearing the truths in the Mueller report. Mr. Trump claims he’s not a fan of McGahn’s, but that didn’t stop the president from asking McGahn to fire Mueller, according to Mueller’s report. McGahn told Mueller Trump thought Mueller would destroy his presidency.

Mr. Trump is angry at a lot of people. He threw Republican Senator Richard Burr under his Twitter bus for sending Don Jr. a subpoena. Burr wants Don Jr. to tell his Intelligence committee why he acted clueless about the Trump Tower Moscow project. And why his name keeps popping up in the Mueller report. Connecticut Senator Blumenthal told the press Trump Jr. should honor the subpoena. If he ignores it, he should go to jail. Don Jr. Lawyer told the press young Trump might plead the fifth in writing, or he might ignore it because he’s the president’s son.


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