Some Republican Lawmakers Back The Farmers As Trump Gets Tariff-Slapped By The Chinese


Kim Jong Un wants his sanction-rule-breaking boat back. His massive Wise Honest cargo ship is about as dishonest as it gets in terms of obeying UN sanction rules. The Wise Honest takes North Korean coal to Indonesia and picks up machinery, and who knows what else.

The Wise Honest didn’t start breaking sanction rules when Trump sent the word down the command chain to seize the ship. Kim’s ship has been making illegal runs ever since the sanctions became a nuisance for him. Mr. Kim thought he had it worked out with his new homey, but Trump gave Kim the conman slip in Hanoi. Trump told Kim he’d be back, but he never said when.

Mr. Kim had a long meeting with Putin before he started firing missiles again. Putin must have told Kim Trump’s afraid of missiles. Putin wants Trump to release some sanctions so the deal he just made with Kim can start. Kim told Trump he’s an illegal robber. And that’s a nasty slur in Korean. Kim knows if Trump keeps the boat, he has more leverage over Kim.

Mr. Trump thinks he has enough leverage over President Xi to make him sign an agreement that would tie China’s hands in the technology world. No amount of tariffs will make the Chinese change their laws because Trump needs a trade win to put in his campaign speeches. But according to Chinese scholars, Mr. Trump may get the Chinese to sign, but enforcing his edicts will be hard. China wants the tariffs taken off if they sign, and Trump wants to use them to enforce compliance.

Now that Joe Biden is way ahead in the polls, Trump decided he would throw some shade his way. Mr. Trump told Rudy Giuliani to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine. Biden’s son worked as a director for a Ukraine company, and Trump thinks Biden used his vice presidential influence to help his son.

The Republicans finally feel the heat from Trump’s tariff chaos. The farmers are ready to throw Trump to the curb, and some Republicans think that’s a good idea especially if they want to get reelected. Trump told the farmers he has another $15 billion for them, and he’ll buy their losses and give them away. But he has no clue how to do that, according to the Washington Post.


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