Little Girl Still Missing After Blood Found In Stepfather’s Home


A stepfather in Houston reported his 4-year-old stepdaughter missing after he claimed that they had been kidnapped by two men while he was on the side of the road one night. That same man was arrested only a few days later after officers searched his apartment and found blood evidence matching the little girl’s. Officers arrived at the home of Darion Vence’s brother after discovering the blood. He was taken into custody without any kind of argument. So far, the only charges are tampering with evidence. That could change in the future after he meets with investigators and after witness statements are reviewed.

Darion claims that he was with his stepdaughter when at least two men in a truck abducted the pair and his 2-year-old son. He then claimed that he and his younger son managed to get away from the men, but the little girl wasn’t able to get away from them. When officers talked to him, they realized that his story didn’t quite make sense and that some of the details kept changing each time he talked to someone about what happened. There are some details that officers have discovered to be false, which Darion has been asked about.

One of the things the Darion has claimed is that his vehicle was stolen. However, a camera at the hospital where he made the call about being abducted reveals that he got out of his car at the hospital after someone dropped him off. That’s when officers started looking a bit closer at his apartment and found the blood linked to the little girl. A neighbor has also come forward and claimed that she saw Darion with bags and bleach one day before leaving his apartment with a large laundry basket. A gas can was found in the trunk of Darion’s car with the basket, but there were no bags present.


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