Digital River Creates Flow For Customer And Business Owners

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Digital River offers the complete package when it comes to online businesses. Our company provides business owners help with consumer payments, shipping, and subscription renewals. Every business needs to be online today, and the challenges are real. Companies must be able to work through language and currency barriers. Our staff takes over that aspect of your business, so you can get on to doing what you know best. Do not waste time trying to set up payment options or working on configuring a buy button. You have more important things to do, and once our service personnel takes over these mundane processes for you, you will not be shackled to your office.

Our company is set up to take care of all forms of consumer payments. Businesses need to be ready to sell their products around the world. With the internet and a robust site, people can find your product, and when they do, your portal should be ready to accept various forms of payment. Digital River can help your business, whether it sells physical products, digital products, or subscriptions.

Not all of your viewers will be using a traditional credit card. Many people choose to use a debit card from their local bank or credit union. Another type of typical payment is gift cards, which are loaded funds. Digital River makes sure there is enough money on the cards before proceeding.

After the funds have been verified, we can help your business with the next step, which is shipping in the case of physical goods. Shipping involves multiple actions. The first step is packing the products. Making sure the item gets there in the same condition it left your store is as important as making sure it is appropriately paid for. Once the package is on its way, it needs to be tracked. We will follow it out the door, down the road, and to the client’s home or office. There is a lot of technology involved, and it is ever evolving in tracking. Having products shipped quickly and neatly is one way a business can create repeat clients.

If you are not selling physical products but digital items instead, Digital River can provide you with the ability to bill for subscription services. Subscription services can become complicated tracking each IPA’s payment, when they paid, and when their next billing is due. There are many individual parts to a subscription-based business, but Digital River has got you covered with cloud-based applications.

Digital River is in the business of helping other owners use technology to foster their creations. Technology can make life easier or more complicated. Our company has set up and streamlined many aspects to make the process flow. We start at the beginning with your client’s experience at the payment portal, and our team can continue on all the way to the final handoff. We can assist you with the delivery whether it be a physical box or a digital download. We keep up with new payment options, service features, and shipping and tracking technology.

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