Cynthia Grossman’s Journey Of Accomplishment

belinda stronach

Anyone familiar with the world of international business tycoons will soon be familiar with the name and legacy of Cynthia Grossman. An heir to the Grupo Continental fortune, she was first appointed to the Grupo Board of Directors in 1983. Grupo Continental, which initially owned and operated dozens of companies relating to soft drinks in Mexico, was founded by her late father Burton Grossman. Cynthia Grossman, along with her brother Bruce have a combined net worth of more than a billion US dollars. Appointed to serve as Chair of the Grupo Continental Board of Directors in 2000, she very quickly made her mark in the traditionally male dominated world of corporate leadership.

Currently serving as a Board member of Arca Continental, she has continued to build a legacy of extraordinary industry intelligence and inspirational corporate responsibility. Cynthia Grossman is part of a wave of powerful women business leaders who are revolutionizing the traditional approaches to corporate leadership. Her innovative attitude has facilitated a continued incline of success, both for her personally and the companies under her leadership.

In addition, due to her impressive history of victories in an industry known for creating failures, Cynthia Grossman has also proven an engaging public speaker. Sought after as a role model for young women and emerging corporate frontrunners alike, she is increasingly requested to share words of wisdom and guidance to those who wish to follow in her footsteps.

This willingness to network and interact with both established business titans and impudent upstarts is especially important as many family-owned companies struggle to establish an identity in the global economy.
Her role as a woman working in the highest levels of the international business community makes it especially important that she be willing to allow her works to inspire others. Carrying a smiling face and shrewd business acumen makes her at once a welcomed but imposing force with which to recon.

Arca Continental was created by a merger of Embotelladoras Arca and Grupo Continental in 2011. The company is one of the largest beverage and snack organizations in the world, serving Mexico, United States, Ecuador, and Argentina. The company has more than 43,700 employees worldwide, and in 2017 posted revenue of more than 7 billion US dollars.

As a holding company, Arca Continental owns and operates businesses in every aspect of the bottling industry. In addition to bottling plants and distribution centers in several Latin and South American countries, they also have manufacturing and distribution companies relating to snacks in Mexico, United States, and Ecuador.


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