Caught In A Court Whirlwind


Unfortunately, there are numerous people who are unable to pay their court fees. Even if those fees are minimal, they simply don’t have the money needed to get out of jail until they go to court. The younger generation seems to have their hands tied as they fall at the top of the list of people who are stuck in jails across the country until they face a judge. Shyara Hill is one person who seems to have been left alone in the criminal justice system as there’s been no way for her to get out. Someone was bullying her brother, so she took it upon herself to hit the person with a car, which led to her arrest.

Shyara was only 16 when her world fell apart. She went to her vice principal’s office, but he never arrived after she had been waiting for several hours. Security officers at the school arrested her when she tried to leave the office. As Shyara tried to make her way past them, they brought charges against her of assault on an officer. When she would try to get past the officers, they would count each attempt so that she could hear them.

When Shyara went to court, she was sentenced to probation and had to perform community service. The judge informed her that the charge would drop from her record when she turned 18 if she agreed to plead guilty, so that’s what she did. Shyara was on probation until she was 20 because she didn’t have the money to pay the fees to the court system each month. She was never visited by a probation officer and didn’t even realize that she was on probation while she was a teenager until she wanted to work at a Juvenile Law Center. Since she couldn’t pay the fees that she was behind on when she went to court, the judge ordered that she spend another year on probation.


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