When Any Type of Item Needs To Be Shipped, Pilot Freight Services Is A Great Choice


When it comes to transporting goods throughout the United States, one of the most reliable sources of delivery options is the Pilot Freight Services company. With more than 75 locations in North America and the use of ground, ocean and air transportation, this company is the shipper of choice for many businesses and individuals.

Pilot Freight Services is headquartered in Lima, Pennsylvania, and was established in 1970. The company is customer service-oriented and has the resources and expertise to provide shipping and logistics of freight to locations around the world.

The efficient, expedited ground delivery services that Pilot Freight Services regularly provides entail the use of several types of vehicles. These include vans, cube vans, box trucks and tractor-trailers.

Cargo that needs to be delivered somewhere quickly can be shipped with Pilot’s next day, or two-day/three-day shipping. For the fastest shipping service, the company offers its First Flight option, as well as its aircraft charter service.

For cargo that is less urgent, an economy shipping option is offered. With this option, cargo is scheduled to be delivered within five business days.

Businesses of all types and sizes regularly turn to Pilot Freight Services to handle all of their business-to-business freight needs, because they know that Pilot will get the job done right.

When oversize, very heavy or extremely expensive equipment needs to be delivered somewhere, the shipper that companies everywhere prefer to assign the work to is Pilot Freight Services. Whether it be for disaster relief efforts, factory equipment or mining equipment, Pilot has the capabilities to successfully implement the delivery.

Even the U.S. Government chooses Pilot Freight Services to ship all sorts of materials for its different agencies. Pilot has special transportation and logistics programs in place that are designed just for various government agencies, especially the Department of Defense, Department of State and Department of the Treasury.

Not only is Pilot Freight Services a leading logistics and transportation company, but it is also a company that maintains a strong environmental commitment. The company strives to reuse and recycle as many packaging and freight materials as possible, in an ongoing effort to reduce its environmental impact.

The consistently excellent work that is provided by Pilot was recognized in early 2019 by the Walmart supply chain. As one of several transportation carrier for Walmart, Pilot was selected by the retail giant as its top e-commerce carrier for the year.


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