Trumpian Kellyanne Conway Thinks Trump’s Got His Second Term In His John Gotti Autographed Bag


The president must feel like Custer felt when he knew his line of defense had a bunch of holes in it. But Trump, just like Custer, plans to stand firm and keep his sketchy tax returns secret. The House Ways and Means Committee can’t seem to make the White House adhere to the demands of the people. Obviously, Bill Barr’s been talking to the Trumpster about being above the law. That’s the kind of positive reinforcement Trump got growing up.

It’s no secret that one of the most successful and sleazy mob boss lawyers in the history of the legal system, Roy Cohn, was also Fred Trump’s lawyer. After Fred went to that real estate cheating penitentiary in the sky, Don Sr. hired Roy Cohn. Thanks to legal tomfoolery Trump found a way to get his father’s inheritance without much tax exposure, according to the New York Times.

The Ways and Means Committee wants Trump accounting firm to turn over all his financial records before he took office, as well as after he started his reign of conman terror. But Mr. Trump’s not gonna let that happen. Trump sued the committee alleging the Democrats want his financial information to use against him during the campaign.

Mr. Trump likes to call Bernie Sanders crazy, but people close to Trump say the Trumpster thinks Sanders has a chance to put him in an orange jumpsuit. In public, Trump will try to destroy Bernie politically by using his age, and his Democratic socialism against him.

Bernie grew up in NYC so he knows Trump and how to deal with him. And that scares Mr. Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos didn’t want several Lexington Kentucky high school journalists asking her questions when she met with the Governor of Kentucky. The governor promoted the discussion with DeVos as an open mic sort of meeting. But when the young journalists tried to get in to let Betsy know she’s doing a crappy job, security didn’t let them in.

But Kellyanne Conway tried to beat Betsy in the “I’m going to make Trump happy” department of the government. Kellyanne told ABC News Mueller cleared the path for Trump to win in 2020. He didn’t commit a crime, according to Mueller. All the other juicy Trump crossed the legal line parts don’t count, according to Conway.


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