Trump Has The Security Clerance Blues Now That Tricia Newbold Told Congress He Plays Dirty


There are cracks in Trump’s administration. White House employees know the chaos that Mr. Trump brought with him from the bowels of his real estate empire is hard to deal with. That’s why Tricia Newbold, an 18-year White House employee, decided to let Trump’s dirty security clearance laundry come to the surface. According to Newbold, 25 people in Trump’s administration got high-level security clearances after the security officials denied their applications.

Newbold sat in front of the Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee for nine hours, and she didn’t hold back. Tricia, who served under other administrations, said national security could be at risk thanks to Trump’s decision to go around security clearance protocol and hire people he thought would have his back.

Ms. Newbold said security officials could not give the 25 people clearance due to foreign influence issues, conflicts of interest, drug use, criminal conduct, potential blackmail, and several other issues that don’t meet security clearance standards. According to her testimony before Congress, the administration knew about those issues, but Trump gave all those people security clearances anyway. Two of the 25 people were high-level Trumpians, according to Newbold.

Tricia’s boss, Carl Kline, told Newbold to keep quiet about the security clearance debacle. She said she got a demotion because she continued to ask why the president wanted to risk national security just to have people close to him that would do whatever he wanted without objections.

Thanks to Newbold’s honesty, more White House whistleblowers want to follow in her footsteps. But Mr. Trump hasn’t said much about this latest bombshell that could impact his daughter and son-in-law. He’s too busy trying to blow more holes in the economy. Trump’s threats to close the Southern border could devastate an economy that is still weak from the president’s trade war with China and his tariffs.

Trump’s threat to take funding away from those three Central American countries is another stupid move, but it won’t fly in Congress. The money the U.S. sends to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras is a relatively new financial aid program. The money is specifically for more local police protection, and more programs that stop the Narcos, and curbs the violence. Taking that money away will exacerbate the border issue not solve it, according to the Washington Post.

But Trump continues to blame Mexico and Congress for the border mess. And he still takes low-class shots at Congressman Adam Schiff for letting people know Trump’s real dark side may see the light of day before the 2020 election.


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