Opus Consulting Solutions: Restructuring The Payment System Using Cutting-Edge Solutions


Opus Consulting Solutions is a tech company with more than two decades of service in the marketplace. The company is domain-focused and specializes in payments, analytics, and information technology. This organization was founded in 1997 by Madhu Gopinath, a visionary entrepreneur and the headquarter is in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Services offered by Opus Consulting Solutions

Opus Consulting Solutions works with a team of more than 800 professionals who are mostly tech experts, and domain gurus. All the company workers offer a great wealth of expertise and experience. The task force works to get product solutions to customers through domain service lines. Among the products, they offer include cards, remittance, tech capabilities, and digital analytics.

Since it was established, the company has provided innovative solutions to clients in more than 30 countries worldwide. Fortune 500 companies is part of the clients that the company serves. Among the many solutions that are offered by this venture include:
• Support prepaid card systems
• Stock transactions
• Card-less ATM withdrawals
• Service integration of web, mobile, kiosks

Opus Consulting Solutions is governed by four critical values of integrity, scalability, security, and tolerance. These guiding principles are the pillars behind the success of the company. The firm has a secure IP creation credential which has earned recognition in the global market.

It has been adopted by some of the most reputable companies in the business such as MasterCard International. Opus Consulting Solutions’ proven superiority in product management and maintenance has them working for the best payment organizations in the world. The company is also a business leader on matters of direct payments.

They have implemented numerous application products such as, ran multiple payment methods, and executed massive projects. The tech conglomerate has an in-depth understanding of global business operations, payments, and technology. The experience makes it easy for them to team up with other influential stakeholders in the industry.

Opus Consulting Solutions’ accomplishments and leadership

The organization has an impressive legacy that dates back in 1997. One of their initial major achievements is when they developed an ATM switch. Two years later, they dispatched Base24 Classic for financial institutions in the SAARC region. In 2001, they launched Electra Cards to help clients pay for fuel.

The following year, they became the first company to introduce prepaid cards to the Indian community. They further developed and deployed BNAs and Biometric ATMs in India in 2005. In 2011, they became the recipient of the Global Prepaid Service Award. They then sold ElectraCard to Mastercard International and shifted operations from India to the United States in 2014. Most recently, they were featured as an organization with the most high-tech BFSI software.

This institution is led by some of the finest executives in the information technology sector. Its leaders are passionate about what they bring to the company and are also integral. This firm is led by Ramesh Mengawade who is the executive chairman and TM Praveen who serves as the chief executive officer. Other important stakeholders include Anand Karwa, the chief financial officer, board member Phaneesh Murthy, and director Paresh Banerjee.

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