Kim And Putin Talk Denuclearization While Trump Stonewalls Congress


Joe Biden is ready to throw some serious Delaware septuagenarian badass on Donald Trump. The 76-year-old former vice president and former Delaware senator is the 20th Democrat to announce a run for the White House in 2020. Mr. Biden believes he has the support of the centrists in the Democratic Party. But some political analysts think he might have a hard time raising money to finish the race.

Mr. Biden told the press another Trump term would be a disaster for the United States. Biden claims Mr. Trump’s foreign policy moves make the United States look weak and chaotic. Global allies are now adversaries and former adversaries are now Trump’s pals. Joe claims he could bring America’s allies back in the fold, and he can change the social and political atmosphere in the United States.

But Biden’s third attempt at the presidency may go up in flames if his critics continue to attack his hug and kiss personality, and his old political style, according to the Washington Post. But Mr. Trump welcomes Biden’s challenge. The president thinks he could beat Joe if he wins the nomination. In fact, Trump is more scared of Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden, according to the New York Times.

Trump has bigger political fish to fry now that Congress is subpoena crazy. Mr. Trump claims he’ll fight all subpoena’s in court, and he’ll even ask the Supreme Court for help if Congress decides to impeach him. But the Supreme Court doesn’t get involved in the impeachment process.

Even though the president claims the Mueller report clears him from any wrongdoing, he still wants to stop Don McGahn from testifying in front of Congress. And he also wants to stop his Mueller-cooperating aides from sitting in front of Congress.

North Korean leader Kim Jon Un decided to take his bulletproof train to Russia to meet President Putin, and the meeting was a success, according to Russian news reports. North Korea and Russia enjoyed a fruitful relationship when Kim’s father was president. Now that Kim wants Trump to lift American sanctions, Kim wants to revitalize that friendship.

Mr. Putin told the international press Mr. Kim is ready to denuke his country if Trump meets with him again. But Trump has to leave Mike Pompeo in Washington. Mr. Trump claims Pompeo will still do the heavy lifting in future sanction lifting negotiations. The Trumpster hasn’t decided whether he will meet with North Korea again unless they serve him American fast food for lunch instead of Kimchi.


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