Joe Biden Feels The Political Heat From His Affectionate Nature


President Trump said he’ll close the Southern border unless Mexico stops the immigrants that keep coming to the United States from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. More than 95,000 immigrants tried to enter the U.S. in March. The current number of border agents can’t handle that many people. There are not enough border agents on the border because being a border agent is a thankless job.

In 2017, Trump told Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson he wanted 5,000 more border agents. But to date, only 118 new agents are on the job. The job requirements, as well as the job itself, is the reason Nielson can’t hire enough agents. But it’s not just the lack of border agents that create this human debacle on the border. The immigration system doesn’t work. And Congress isn’t doing anything to correct the inherent issues in the system, according to Mr. Trump. Trump also blames Mexico for not doing enough to stop the immigrants.

But according to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico wants to help Trump get the situation under control. Mexico does offer immigrants a chance to stay in Mexico and work. But Trump says that’s not enough. Mexico knows closing the border is a stupid economic move. But they also know Trump likes to upset the economy in order to get what he wants. If Trump closes the border, U.S. consumers will immediately feel the impact in food prices, auto prices, and in the other products Mexico produces for the U.S.

Closing the Southern border is not on Joe Biden’s mind at the moment. The former vice president wants to jump into the Democratic race for president, but he needs more financial backing to make his candidacy work this time around. Biden is not the best fundraiser in the field of candidates, but he is the frontrunner even though he’s not officially in the race.

Mr. Biden is 10 points ahead of Bernie Sanders in the polls. But that might change now that Lucy Flores, a Nevada Democrat, claims Joe was a little too friendly with her a few years ago. Flores claims Biden gave her a long kiss on the top of her head while his hands were on her shoulders at a political rally. Biden doesn’t remember giving Flores what he calls expressions of comfort and support. Joe claims he is a hugger by nature. Joe said there’s no hidden agenda when he kisses women and shows them affection. But his critics say he acts a little weird around women, and weird won’t cut it in the age of the #MeToo movement.


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