Indiana’s Taylor University Wants Mike Pence To Speak But Thousands Of Students Say Mike’s A


Mrs. Trump told the press she loves her job. Melania tries to stay away from Trump’s chaotic lifestyle. But they do cross paths when Trump needs a wife by his side. Melania does want to make a difference, but in the president’s mind, he likes Ivanka better than Melanie when it comes to crawling through the dirt of politics.

Mr. Trump trained Ivanka to be a star. He made sure she had all that wealth and the name “Trump” would bestow on her. Ivanka wants to be president, according to former Trump cabinet member Gary Cohen. That’s one reason she took credit for the increase in the 2018 Child tax credit. Don Jr. and Eric are still flinging Trumpian shade at Mueller and his report. They know Mueller has some dirt on them. The narcissistic pair hope Dad convinced Bill Barr to redact their names before Congress gets its hands on what Mueller really said, according to the Washington Post.

Congress isn’t giving up the fight to learn more about Trump’s financial empire. The New York Times thinks Trump had his accountants monkey with his assets so they looked different on paper. That’s why the Ways and Means Committee wants to see his taxes. And why the Intelligence Committee wants Deutsche Bank to send them Trump’s bank records.

Deutsche Bank was the only bank willing to lend Trump more than $1 billion. Chairman Adam Schiff thinks the Trump Organization plays a role in a money-laundering scheme through that German Bank.

But Mr. Trump and his family stand untied and undeterred by the investigations. Don Sr. loves to fight in court. He’s confident he will win the 2020 election, and get a pass for another four years before the legal bounty hunters nail the family for various mobster-type activities, according to the Times.

Karen Pence also told the press she loved her job. Karen’s job is to make sure Mike doesn’t talk to another woman without someone in the room. And she makes sure he doesn’t start to cry when Trump gives him a psychotic blast or two. Karen also likes to travel with Mike. Trump sends Pence out of the country to sell his economic snake oil, but most countries send Pence back home with his bigoted tail between his legs.

Taylor University, a Christian school in Indiana, invited Mike to give the commencement speech this year. But some students think LGBTQ hater Pence’s message, and his “lockup migrant kids up in a cage mentality” are not the Christian values they want to emulate.


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