Cynthia Grossman Shines A Light On Data And Healthcare


A director at FasterCures is Cynthia Grossman. FasterCures is part of the Milken Institute. Cynthia Grossman is in charge of collaborating science with patients. There is a broad range of products that must come together to help ensure patient care. Some of the areas Cynthia Grossman keeps together include the science of patient care, input are developments that further the patient’s outcome, engaging with not-for-profits that focus on patients, and pharmaceutical companies that can assist the institution with their treatments.

Cynthia Grossman focuses her leadership skills on improving science that researches clients and their health care problems that are not being solved. Some of the way she has developed her leadership experiences are by working with government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and communities. This combination of diverse business entities allowed Grossman to develop problem-solving skills that can be used across many different health field and life scenarios.

Ms. Grossman believes in problem solving along with science and research. She involves herself with patients as well as speaking to the public about how the healthcare system operates. She is involved in mentorship programs, and is frequent writer of informative and entertaining blog post on her social media pages. Her communication skills show off her ability to take complicated scientific matters, which may involve patients and the healthcare system and make the topic user-friendly. Grossman also likes to share positive outcomes in the world of HIV. For example, she recently passed on a story about an HIV person who is able to donate an organ to another HIV positive person. This type of message lets the world know how many advancements the healthcare field has made in the arena of HIV.

Ms. Grossman has also gone on to share stories about pharmaceutical companies that are attempting to advance medicine. She highlighted a program on a talk radio show where doctors discussed how research could be better integrated with healthcare field, which is an area that Cynthia Grossman has been highly focusing on in her career.

Cynthia Grossman became involved with the science of health data because of her passions for the well-being of people, and she shows her concerns for individuals as well as their families and the communities that they live in. She follows closely the ever changing filed of medicine, treatments, and outcomes and enjoys shining a light on advancement that will change how people feel about the overall healthcare programs.

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