Children Face Parents Before Sentence Is Given


In January 2018, David and Louise Turpin were arrested, bringing an end to the horrific way they were treating their children. In April 2019, they were finally sentenced for the crimes that they committed. For several years, the couple had been torturing almost all of the 13 children that they had. A judge in California ordered that they spend 25 years to life in prison for their actions. This sentence was less than the maximum that the judge could have ordered only because the couple finally admitted that they were responsible for how they treated their children.

Just before the judge sentenced the couple, one of the daughters spoke to the court. She had tears in her eyes as she described some of the things that she had to endure and how her parents took her life from her when she was younger. However, she also claimed that she is now doing what she can to live life the way that she wants. Her father changed her mother’s views. Now, the daughter is going to college and is doing what she can to ensure that she does not become her father or her mother.

A son also spoke to the court about his parents. His siblings had written a letter with information that they felt the court should know. Several of the siblings have nightmares about being chained and about other ways that they were treated by people who were supposed to love them. When Louise spoke to the court, she had tears in her eyes. She wanted her children to know that she was sorry and that she loves them. The couple was arrested after a daughter escaped from the home and made a report to the police. There is a possibility for parole in the future, but that is very unlikely, resulting in the couple staying in jail for the rest of their lives.


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