Belinda Stronach Encourages Young Women to Take Charge of Their Future

belinda stronach

Recognized by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people, Belinda Stronach is a powerful Canadian businesswoman, and a highly-respected philanthropist whose continuous efforts have improved the lives of many.

Stronach is President and Chairman for The Stronach Group, which she co-founded with her father, Frank Stronach, in 2011. The company offers world-class horse racing and a pari-mutuel betting system for entertainment purposes. They own many notable brands like the Pimilco Race Course, which hosts the Preakness Stakes, in Baltimore, Maryland as well as the Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida, where the richest horse race in the world is held; The $16 million Pegasus World Cup.

In 1995, after withdrawing from York University where she studied economics, Belinda Stronach joined her father’s company, Magna International as vice president. Stronach was promoted to executive vice president in 1999. She became chief executive officer and president, in 2001. During Stronach’s tenure, Magna generated record profits and added over 3,000 new Canadian jobs.

Stronach also developed other successful companies. In 2012, she partnered with Anthony Melman to form Acasta Capital, a private banking firm. In 2016, Stronach and fellow Canadian Executive, Beverly Hammond, formed Age Quencher Solutions, an all-natural beauty products company.

Besides her business career, Belinda Stronach’s political interests flourished. Stronach became a Member of the Canadian Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora from 2004 to 2008. During that time, she was also chosen as the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development between 2005 and 2006. In 2007, Stronach announced her decision not run for re-election, so she could focus on her family and humanitarian initiatives.

Stronach founded several charity organizations, including Spread the Net where she worked with Canadian television star, Rick Mercer, to raise funds that would go towards insect-repellent bed nets for African families.

In 2008, she created The Belinda Stronach Foundation, which works to solve the many challenges young adults and women face across the globe. The foundation has also partnered with other well-known charitable organizations such as The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative. The Belinda Stronach Foundation developed several highly successful campaigns that have gained international notoriety, including the One Laptop Per Child Program and G(irls)20 Summit. The One Laptop Per Child has provided over 9,000 Aboriginal children with technology and educational programs. The G(irls)20 Summit was an idea born out of the necessity for empowering young girls and women to develop the skills required in the future workforce.

Stronach also opened Belinda’s Place, in 2015. Located in Newmarket, Ontario. Belinda’s Place offers emergency housing and transitional services that enable homeless women to gain self-sufficiency.

Stronach has earned honorary doctorates from McMaster University, Brock University and the University of Windsor as acknowledgements for her efforts in both business and public service. She also earned the Beth Shalom Humanitarian Award for her humanitarian accomplishments and generosity, in 2003.

Belinda Stronach originates from Newmarket, Ontario where she attended Newmarket High School and York University. She is fluent in German and English.


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