Insights into the Services and Achievements of Virtua Medical Group in Healthcare


Virtua Medical Group is a non-profit organization that specializes in the provision of healthcare services. This facility is headquartered in Southern New Jersey and has hospitals in Voorhees, Berlin, Marlton, and Mount Holly. Virtua Medical Group is driven by the values of respect, communication, collaboration, data-driven efforts as well as servant leadership.

This institute utilizes a collective business model to coordinate its activities as well as reach out to the community. Also, they work with like-minded professionals committed to addressing social determinants of health and patient needs. Virtua Medical Group has made meaningful collaborations with some of the most influential health organizations in the industry. Of importance is their robust health system that supports all aspects of healthcare.

Services Offered

This healthcare system provides comprehensive health services to various people helping them get well and stay healthy. They treat as well as provide information on how to manage particular medical conditions. Virtua Medical Group has more than 500 physicians and clinicians who are skilled in different areas. These professionals attend to patients in:

  • Urgent care centers
  • Wellness & fitness centers
  • Long-term care
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Home health services

When it comes to maternal health, Virtua Medical Group tops the charts for the provision of unmatched care to pregnant women and newborn babies. On average, its hospitals deliver more than 8,000 babies annually. The hospitals then ensure that these children are offered specialized care during the first critical years of their life.

Virtua Medical Group’s obstetrics and gynecologists work around the clock to meet the needs of this high-risk cohort. This organization works in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to ensure pediatrics needs are met efficiently.

Virtua Medical Group is also at the forefront of promoting cancer care to patients. They work with Penn Medicine to diagnose, treat, and raise awareness about cancer among people. This facility utilizes new technologies to ensure that patients battling cancer get the best medical solutions available in the industry.

Virtua Medical Group’s Achievements

This facility is innovative in its service provision. It uses technology to ensure that patient needs are met and their experiences improved. Virtua Medical Group uses virtual reality to distract patients who experience intense pain from the conditions they suffer.

One of their patients with sickle cell disease who suffers occasional pain uses virtual reality as therapy to manage pain. The institute also stays informed about contemporary treatment solutions. Therefore, they ensure that their patients have access to the best care there is in the market.

Virtua Medical Group has a workforce of highly specialized people. These teams are always available to be it in outpatient or inpatient clinics. This organization welcomes a broad range of people from physicians to volunteers. They also offer residency opportunities for doctors looking to develop their skills.

In 2018, Virtua Medical Group was ranked among the best places to work in Delaware. They have also been awarded the consumer loyalty award for excelling in the services they offer. Its nurses have also been recognized by the American Nurses Center for their compassion and care.


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