Trump’s On Fire Now That Barr Blew All That Vindication Crap Up His Butt


Trump got the word weeks ago that Mueller wasn’t going to report he colluded with the Russian government. Mr. Trump knew because Bill Barr told him Mueller’s report will vindicate him. Mueller had a conversation with Barr and told him collusion would be off the table.

Barr did tell Trump there was proof he did collude with the Russians. But those Russians didn’t actually work for the Russian government. They just knew the right people to call in the Kremlin.

Mr. Trump wanted to get a lot of things done in Russia. In 2010, or even before then, Trump planned to build the tallest building in Europe in Moscow. That Trump Tower project would put more than $350 million in his Deutsche Bank account. That’s the bank that gave Trump money when no other bank on the planet would lend him a nickel.

Deutsche Bank is under investigation for money-laundering. Russia is part of that investigation, and so is Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Trump’s Russian love affair didn’t end when he won the election. There’s a strange chemistry between Trump and Russia. Trump likes the way Putin runs his country. Putin has that old KGB mobster quality that Trump likes to emulate.

Mr. Trump had to look high and low for an attorney general, who would cover his ass after he sent spineless gay-basher Jeff Sessions back to Alabama. And he found Bill Barr. Barr wrote a document over a year ago that said he believed presidents are above the law. Bill Barr had his chance to show people what he meant in his Mueller summary.

Barr vindicated Trump in his Mueller summary. Mueller didn’t vindicate Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump didn’t collude with the Russian government and he didn’t help Russia dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, according to Barr. And Barr won’t say he obstructed justice because he said Trump’s above the law. Those were Mueller’s objectives when the investigation started.

Trump’s riding the wave of vindication until it hits the Democrats where the sun doesn’t shine. He thinks he has the press by the short hairs, according to the Washington Post. He thinks he can claim the press is the enemy because they knew and told the real Donald Trump story. The Democrats want to stop him. But now that the Trumpster has all that vindication smoke up his butt he’s on fire.


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