Trump Wants U.S. Allies To Pay For Military Protection


President Trump is full of surprises. He backed out of a deal with North Korea, and Chairman Kim isn’t happy about it. Mr. Kim started work on his nuclear program after Trump walked out without having an eel and kimchee lunch. When Mr. Trump heard the Kim nuke news, he said if that was true it would make him sad.

Mr. Trump also decided he wants more money for his border wall project. So he put an additional $8.6 billion in his new 2020 budget. Plus, he wants to cut domestic spending on environmental protection and other social programs so he can spend $750 billion on military improvements. That budget won’t make it to first base in Congress, according to several news reports. Another rejection could mean another government shutdown. But that’s the way Trump rolls. He threatens and punishes to get what he wants.

Trump latest foreign relations idea is to charge American allies for U.S. military protection. He wants South Korea, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, and other countries to pay their NATO dues without U.S. assistance. According to many Americans that’s a great idea. But he also wants to charge those countries an additional 50 percent to him for keeping American troops within their borders.

According to Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, that’s a really dumb idea. Cheney is the third-ranking House Republican. She didn’t hesitate criticizing Trump for his capitalistic approach to foreign policy issues. According to the Democrats, Trump’s plan to extort U.S. allies for hosting American troops shows the president doesn’t care what happens in the rest of the world as long as he can build his border wall.

His new extortion plan means countries like Japan and South Korea would pay Washington the full cost of keeping American troops within their borders. Plus, they would have to pay an additional 50 percent. Trump calls his plan the “cost plus 50” deal. That would mean countries with a large U.S. military presence would pay five times more than they pay now, according to the Washington Post.

The Trump cost plus 50 plan would destroy U.S. diplomacy in those countries, according to Cheney. U.S. bases in other countries help protect Americans and America’s interests around the world, according to the congresswomen. Liz is former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter. She’s against Trump’s new foreign policy. And she made it clear that Trump’s idea is pretty stupid during an interview on Meet the Press.


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