Roger Kimmel: Law Practitioner, Executive, Lecturer

Roger Kimmel: Law Practitioner, Executive, Lecturer

It’s not very often that we get to learn more about the top executives in the world. It’s great to do so from time to time as their path to success can be the inspiration we need to kickstart ours. Becoming a self-made millionaire or billionaire is no easy task and that’s why we need to see just how much work the top executives put into getting where they are now. This time, let’s look at the story of Roger Kimmel.

Roger Kimmel has been a lot of things throughout his life and his path to success started when he finished his undergrad studies from George Washington University. He then received his graduate degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.

After his studies, one of his first breakthroughs in law was when he became a partner in a law firm of Latham & Watkins. He began learning about the intricacies of business during his tenure here as his practice focused primarily on mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance matters, and capital market. More than just a job, he used this opportunity as a stepping stone towards greater ventures.

He then joined PG&E. Roger Kimmel played a pivotal role in the company which he helped steered towards success. Under this brand, he became a member of several managing committees including Nominating Committees, Governance Committee, and Compliance and Public Policy Committee. He retired from the company’s board earlier this year.

He also served on various committees at Endo International Plc. Under his guidance and leadership, the company was able to improve its services and stand on the market. Most notably, Roger Kimmel is regarded for his work on the Audit and Compensation committees, as well as being a non-executive chairman of the board.

He is currently on the board of several companies including investment banking firm Rothschild, Inc., SoundBite Communications, Inc., Algos Pharmaceutical Corp., and Rothschild North America, Inc.

Perhaps his biggest job so far is time as a lecturer a the University of Virginia Law School. It’s a position he holds near and dear to his heart to this day. People are lucky to learn from such a tried and tested individual and many are hoping that he is able to produce better law practitioners and leaders in the future.

Education has always been close to the heart of Roger Kimmel. He was a chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Virginia School of Law Foundation from 2009 to 2015. He was also a director of Riverdale Country School from 2010 and 2016. Lastly, he was also a director on Chairmen’s Forum Inc., which is essentially a peer exchange for board leaders which is intended to build better governance and leadership in institutions.

As we can see, Roger Kimmel’s journey towards success is filled with huge accolades and big names. What he has now is something he had worked extremely hard for and we can learn a lot from this. Perhaps the biggest lesson is that we must use the jobs we get to further expand our skill set for future ventures.


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