Perry Noble Reveals a Big Announcement About New Ministry


Perry Noble was born in June of 1971. He knew early on that he wanted to become an American preacher based on his strong beliefs. On top of being a mega-church preacher, he is also an author of multiple books. His weekly church sermons were watched by thousands of people across multiple campuses around the state of South Carolina. Additionally, he had almost 10,000 viewers who turned in each week to watch the live stream of his services as well. In 2018, Noble decided to open a new church in Anderson named Second Chance Church.

Early Life

When Perry Noble was just twelve years old, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. It eventually took her life. Because of this, Perry had a dislike for hospitals even long after he became a pastor. His father was married many times and ended up giving Perry a baby sister in 2007. Unfortunately, his father’s marriage ended in November 2017. This is one of many controversies Noble found himself involved in during his career. He was also accused of being a racist and not following the commandments of the bible. His followers and churchgoers were not happy when he announced that he was ending his marriage to his wife of 17 years in 2017.

Big Announcements For Perry Noble

Since being released as pastor from his megachurch he founded in South Carolina, Noble has not delivered many sermons to his congregation in person. Recently, he has decided to announce plans for his new church, Second Chance Church. This church has started primarily as an online ministry. Most of his sermons can be found through his Facebook page online. However, this is expected to change very soon because he announced recently through his Facebook page that the church is going to be getting a physical location.

Too Soon For Second Chance Church?

Many people are not shy to suggest that Perry Noble is not qualified to be a pastor anymore. Recently, it became known that Noble was fired from his previous position as pastor because of his issues with alcoholism. While many people feel he is unfit as a pastor, this has not stopped Noble from trying to remain faithful to his congregation. While starting his new church online and waiting for the brick-and-mortar location, Perry Noble has been speaking as a guest for more than 10 other churches.

Not Alone

Just like Perry Noble, there have been many popular pastors in recent years who have had public departures from their churches over morality issues such as adultery, substance abuse issues, toxic leadership traits and financial mismanagement issues. Many of these pastors had to leave the decision to come back and have their leadership restored to their church congregations. It was up to each of these churches to decide whether to forgive them and move on or disqualify them as a public ministry pastor. It can be difficult for congregations to move on from being let down by a person of power they trust. Many pastors end up having to give up their title for good.

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